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The most fun suggestion for this card I've seen is to combo it with Hive Mind and player targeted burn spells. Since Hive Mind is compulsary, your opponent will be forced to target themselves with their copies of the burn spells.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (9/1/2010 11:58:55 PM)


This is not well made, the other leylines offer nice benefits that assist you, turning the game slightly in your favour, this makes entire decks nearly useless. WTF is red burn supposed to do against this? Give us some red standard viable enchanment. The red leyline does in NO POSSIBLE WAY make up for this, the red leyline annoys white, this decimates red.
WIth deck type hate this bad, they might as well go completely overboard and reprint flashfires.
Posted By: Sironos (1/14/2011 1:27:53 AM)


And my friends wonder why I don't use my red deck much anymore.
Posted By: Londonbrig0 (3/2/2011 5:14:21 PM)


I have a question, about this card. It says you can't be the target of spels or abilities your opponent controls, does that count for a Planeswalker card like - Chandra Nalaar?
Posted By: sigmapsicharlie (8/17/2010 9:10:37 PM)


"Oh, i just happen to have a lucky hand, guess it means slow and painful death for you..."

Wow, i might make casual UW control deck, but totally not gonna play this here leyline in it. Brings the fun out of the game. I mean, it's kinda sadistic enough to watch your buddy's face when you pull out meddling mage or declaration of naught or something.
Posted By: skew (8/18/2010 11:43:36 AM)


@Farin: I have to congratulate you on your incredible insight. Trample doesn't target, so therefore it must be stopped by Leyline of Sanctity! Yes, this is sarcasm, if your ability to read cannot detect it.

@khanbg: No It doesn't protect against either of those leylines, since they don't TARGET.

This card isn't auto-lose for any deck in Standard except for UR Pyromancer Ascension, mill (hosed enough already?), or Megrim decks, which never really did well anyway. Red decks like to burn opponents with spells to win, but they still have other options, such as Ball Lightning (Farin, the text for trample is on this card) and similar cards. The problem is that Leyline of Sanctity coupled with Wall of Omens by T2 is a position that RDW usually can't recover from. Then again, the chance of this happening in a deck (with 4 of each card) is about 16%, ignoring land problems. The only major card that RDW uses that would be to... (see all)
Posted By: statiefreez (8/5/2010 6:41:36 PM)


"Hey guys! I got an idea... Lets make a card that shuts down a good percent of black and red decks..." .... Honestly... Who in there Right Mind thought it would be a good idea to print a card like this??.. A creature that does this in white... Yes OK! I can understand that because black and white have a chance to get rid of it before white gives it protection or indestructibility. But an enchantment? That can come out on turn 1!!?? Now thats just way too broken!

I give this card a shameful 5 out of 5...
Posted By: Yozuk (8/8/2010 8:59:20 PM)


I wish I had this I could do my super defense combo, this lightmine field, and vengeful archon on the field all at the same time, making it very hard for my opponent to attack me.
Posted By: hoboman1313 (8/23/2010 6:06:20 PM)


Just saying, "You have Hexproof" sounds terrible. They should reword it somehow..
Posted By: BastianQoU (6/28/2011 2:11:05 AM)


This single card makes it near impossible for Pyromancer's Ascension to win.
Posted By: scorpiolegend (8/9/2011 1:21:48 PM)