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hi, people who think she sucks, u obviously cant play red at all, i have ended everyone anytime i got her on the field and people tend to want to scoop when she hits the field. the -1 is meant to be a time pass while you slam the opponent with other stuff. u spent 5 to play her, next turn, that 5, perhaps 6 if u get another land, can be used for some lightning bolts or shocks or a well-aimed arc trail, the -X is a defense against monsters and banks on the hopes that you have a iota of skill to get her counters up again, if u play a planeswalker, you gain an ally, that's why they are called loyalty counters, but they also expect loyalty from you, those of you play them to simply throw them away after their ultimates resolve make me sick, as speaking of ultimates, it takes four turns to use it and keep her around, not that much with a proper red offense-defense tactic deck like it should be, and planeswalkers are weighed in costed by their first two abilities, the ultimate is a bonus, so... (see all)
Posted By: pcballistix (1/7/2012 10:00:12 PM)


SIGH. Why did they reprint this version? I liked Ablaze much better... Oh hey the red planeswalker does nothing but deal damage! How clever and unexpected!

Posted By: IshubarashI (7/12/2010 9:00:46 AM)


I've heard therer making a new version of her in m12, EDIT yes it's conrirmed CHandra the fire brand will be her m12 counter part she is not as good as the orriginal in my opinion but for a less cost and she's splashable I think it might make it's way to standars metagame.
Posted By: marwinshieldscale (6/30/2011 10:39:16 PM)


Hahaha, this card is so utterly, uselessly red! Just deals damage, seriously, she is so useless to me. My friend had one, and he built up the ability against me and another friend. He then used the ultimate when we had a bunch of life and I played Ethersworn Shieldmage and my friend played Akroma's Blessing, shutting down the creature damaging effect. Now, I'm not saying that this card is the worst planeswalker in my eyes because stuff like that can happen, but she certainly lacks versatility, and is so bland!
Posted By: UndecidedLetter (7/26/2010 11:30:58 PM)


If you have a doubling season on the board, you can use her ultimate immediately. Not sure why everyone hates on this card. It's cla.ssic red. Combo it also with rings of brighthearth and shes pretty darn good.
Posted By: Blazer_Dawg (10/23/2010 2:58:06 AM)


Honestly her ultimate iz betta than m12 Chandra's ultimate
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (9/11/2011 9:30:34 PM)


It's red. What would you expect? Personally, I would combo it with my purple creatureless deck with Jace Beleren, Pyromancer's Acension,Leyline of Anticipation and Jace's Erasure. She burns and makes sure that I don't have to worry about creatures while I deal damage with burn spells and make sure you mill at least one card a turn. Eventually either the damage or the milling will kill you.
Posted By: TraRobins (8/3/2010 6:01:59 PM)


I think she's toally...HOT...Hahahahaha. Seriously though this chick is explosive and a perfect reflection of red.
Posted By: hugemanatee (9/17/2010 6:33:02 PM)


A good answer to a late luminarch ascension, not to mention it can finish off almost anyone with ease. Easy to get there with proliferate now!
Posted By: Beastlygreen (9/22/2010 6:38:58 PM)


I just control the board with her, i keep adding one until i see something worth killing... Very flexible card, i have killed people with just the add ability alone...
Posted By: Mprime818 (9/26/2010 12:03:52 PM)