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how does this work with level uppers?
Posted By: retaeluos (9/24/2010 11:12:20 AM)


Don't forget this works with level up creatures! Just discard a card that levels up, play this on turn 4 and you have a very nice creature without having to level it up!
Posted By: VoidedNote (9/25/2010 3:32:03 PM)


@talcos: I would disagree with SOME of the leveler abilities. I THINK that it works with cards like Brimstone Mage, Guul Draz Assassin, Joraga Treespeaker, and the like because those ARE activated abilities when they get those level counters on it.
Posted By: Andon_A (10/2/2010 6:27:00 PM)


Is this the next Knight of the Reliquary? With Innistrad's alleged graveyard mechanics it may be.
What do you think?
Posted By: badmallocx (7/31/2011 7:49:36 PM)


No, because the ability is "flip Nezumi Gravesomethingorother" so Necrotic Ooze would flip Nezumi Gravesomethingorother
Posted By: occamsrazorwit (10/6/2011 12:47:22 PM)


The most interesting idea to me is comboing with the Reassembling Skeleton and Sacrifice abilities. That way you can sack the Ooze and then return it play once it hits the graveyard.
Posted By: Daemonic_Draconic (10/8/2010 11:11:39 PM)


This is gana b abused as much as Entomb is... infact you can abuse Necrotic Ooze with Entomb...
Posted By: Marlo12345 (2/20/2011 2:30:10 PM)


Why isn't the watermark Phyrexian? O_O
Posted By: ParadOxymoron (5/2/2011 7:47:36 PM)


Would this trigger enters-the-battlefield effects?
Posted By: WhereDidItGo (12/12/2010 9:22:03 AM)


i wrote this back when i sucked and didn't understand magic :) so its all wrong and stupid.

yep, i sucked. this card has had some awesome uses, just search 'connely woods ooze deck tech' on youtube for an example of a tournament worthy deck based around this.
Posted By: ugotpauld (6/5/2011 5:52:14 AM)