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Useful in any black deck, good in a black deck facing a sac deck, a complete BEAST in a black deck made for it.
Posted By: surewhynot (10/19/2010 12:30:30 AM)


Putting this guy with Grave Pact in a spawn deck to summon some demons sounds like a party.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/10/2010 1:49:19 AM)


So rarely you get a 1 drop that says " ey mister opponent, kill me quick or suffer!", only other I can think of with this much potential power in standard is scute mob. This is so insanely good, forget about annihilator, your eldrazi spawn sacs will quickly make this grow out of control in a sac deck. Make your opponent wate his removal on your 1 drop. This is the kind of creature I like, fine by itself, and an absolute wonder in the right deck.
Posted By: Sironos (12/15/2010 1:46:30 PM)


I run this guy in a B/G deck with fallen ideal. thats +3/+2 each sac which has him keep +1/+1 of that. I then run it with a mitotic slime, which can be sacced seven times. 7x3=21. turn 5 flying 22/15 mortician beetle please. and that is without the use of dark ritual or culling the weak.
Posted By: garabor (12/21/2010 10:16:50 AM)


I agree with fog raider. Bloodthrone vampire and such are amazing with this guy, especially with a blade of the bloodchief equipped and two Nether Traitors to endlessly cycle. Have a pawn of ulamog to double the fun. It gets crazy real quick, and once you get a pumpable creature through your opponent is dead.
Posted By: jsttu (2/11/2011 3:56:31 PM)


@tcollins can you even read?

Also Mimic Vat, along with Fleshbag Marauder makes a great black creature lockdown. Alongwith Geth's Verdict and Barter in Blood and Gravepact can make this thing unbelievabley huge.
Posted By: Boakes2047 (6/9/2011 7:32:02 AM)


yay insects
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (7/12/2011 10:39:22 PM)


I run this in my Teysa EDH/Commander deck and I had him up to a 15/15 in a one on one game. So awesome and fun times.
Posted By: Bass1987 (7/20/2011 9:38:59 AM)


And why did they put Magmaw into the Intro Pack "Invading Spawn" instead of this?!
Posted By: Axelle (8/10/2011 6:34:20 PM)


It feels redundant to mention the potential of this guy plus Reassembling Skeleton, but him plus Bloodthrone vampire the skeletons and Pawn of Ulamog equals 4 counters on him for 2 mana, assuming the skeletons are already out, and the the bloodthrone gets + 8 that turn so you are hitting for 14 on turn 4 potentially.
Posted By: monkeymonk42 (8/30/2011 7:51:20 PM)