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This is Hellrider #2 in Kaalia of the Vast EDH.

What? You say that non-Demon, non-Angel, non-Dragon creatures don't belong in Kaalia?

Please come back to me after you have played a game where you activated Vault of the Archangel with these Red Monsters out. Any format is fine, Commander, Standard,...not really picky here.

Oh, and if you're not playing with the VAULT in Kaalia, you really are just doing it wrong, sir.

EDIT: needs a Carter Slade (Old West Ghost Rider) alter. Very badly.
Posted By: DarthParallax (2/18/2012 6:01:33 PM)


One of the best Anti-chump blockers I've seen. Perhaps on the low side for mythic, but he'd be way OP for a rare... Very nice card.
Posted By: Amnatto (1/27/2011 11:52:47 PM)


i really dont see why this guy is mythic, i mean.. grizzly bears can kill the sh!t out of this guy
and i guess he's good agaist walls but i mean.. really? Mythic because he's good agaist walls?
every infect should be mythic then
i can just be a total idiot but i fail why this is good.
Posted By: Biollante (2/8/2011 10:32:30 PM)


There are lots of 4 drop red creatures (Krenko) that try to compete with Hellrider. None of them ever win.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (1/30/2013 11:28:51 PM)


I Dont Beleive In Chump Blockers B I T C H ! oh okay.5/5 Sick Art
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (1/29/2011 11:33:55 PM)


Efficiency rather than awesomeness seem to dictate this card's status as a Mythic. It's a constructed Superstar, not an awe-inspiring Mythic.
Posted By: Volcre (1/31/2011 11:33:27 AM)


More weenie hate. On the other hand your aggro deck's going to rock when you can battlecry and prevent their early game chumps from blocking. If he weren't double red he'd go great with mana elves for some turn 3 shenanigans. Any 'ol weenies might work but I want to see it with elves.
Posted By: TPmanW (4/12/2011 9:21:12 PM)


5/5. great in any Aggro deck
Posted By: Phaedrus89 (4/16/2011 6:08:18 AM)


I know its not the most popular part of the format currently, mostly due to Jace & Black Sun's Zenith floating around. But I get the feeling that people will be playing these blazing fast Scars block decks for years to come. A lot of decks (especially in casual world) can take till turn 3 or 4 to set up, and this guy just ensures massive death if you haven't done much by turn 4. Even if you did manage to survive the rush, a simple Panic Spellbomb or Concussive bolt can just mean absolutely miserable doom.
Posted By: SeiberTross (4/20/2011 12:10:23 PM)


i pulled this and a holo bonehoard in the same pack. best pack since the primetime titan and a holo armored ascension. but five stars. this guys a bomb. didnt realize how much of a bamf this guy was till i played with him. just how i like my bombs. cheap to play. lol
Posted By: krauser-gogetthegirl (4/26/2011 1:00:14 AM)