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Anyone who plays with poison mind paying 4 mana to dish your opponent out that 1st infection? I really didn't think so. By the way, here's a slap to the chin with my d**k just to show you I dont NEED infect to beat you, I just LIKE IT :-} & oh yah while you're @ it, go ahead & toss a handful of cards in the trash. By the way, if I put my d**k on top of your head would my balls be on your mind? No, I won't make you answer, I'll just jam this voltaic thing in your mouth & twist so you can't speak. That's my way of helping you save face. Ps- With friends like me, who the he'll needs enemies right? Ha.
Posted By: Mike-C (2/13/2011 8:40:03 PM)


This + Voltaic Key = the most annoying thing ever.
Posted By: Condor_96 (2/21/2011 10:13:44 PM)


i hate it
Posted By: DoomCanoe (1/27/2011 6:24:13 PM)


Good flavor, bad card.
Posted By: EpicBroccoli (1/29/2011 7:52:14 AM)


i like this card. it incorporates two of my fondest strategies which is infect and milling while at the same time pressuring my opponent by decreasing his life total as well...

pay 4: opponent loses two life... not bad.
pay 4: opponent gains a poison counter... gooood
pay 4: opponent mills 6 cards... alright!
pay 4: opponent gets all the above... :o OMG!! im in love...

all you need now is a sword of body and mind and blightsteel colossus and its practically game over!
Posted By: M.D.B. (1/31/2011 2:42:41 PM)


I think that it should deal more than 2 damage. If they do nothing and you do nothing, it will kill them with damage the same time it kills them with poison, but poison is worth much more than 2 damage. You cant cure poison, Leeches is the only card that does it and its not in standered. Just as the mill one will kill faster than the other ones if the enemy is playing with a 60 card deck, the damage one should kill faster if they dont gain life, sense its much more likely than them running leeches.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (2/5/2011 6:55:03 PM)


To anyone who thinks this is a bad card, throw it in a deck with Geth, another underrated card, and troll the shit out of your opponent, besides, just because a card doesnt see play doesnt mean its bad, i have an infect/ramp deck, how often do i get 8 mana? quite often, how often do i get them to 9 poison before i get my creatures screwed, and how many poison counters does it take to kill someone? 10. 4 mana i kill you always works for me, this is an excellent card, and anyone who thinks otherwise clearly should go build the same deck everyone else does, and take all the fun out of the game. go *** yourselves wizards.
Posted By: oj48 (2/16/2011 9:20:41 PM)


well i give it 4 cause it allows u to get a poison counter on the player and with proliferate as long as u have a counter on u can increase it so it is a way to get on on and reduce life and potentally take away some good cards and possibly put some creatures into his or her graveyard and if u have a card like bonehoard in your deck this gets cards flowing into the graveyard so when u get it out it is more effective and lets not underestimate the damage aspect sometimes two damage can make or break a game i think this is an awsome card because if u have 4 mana u can do all that especially if u are at a creature standoff and did i mention the poison i think that makes it but yeah it is basically just support card definetly not something u base a deck on but some dam good support card
Posted By: Tmanthemagicguy (3/5/2011 2:13:16 AM)


People who say this card sucks need to learn some patience. This thing is usually at the center of my endgame. I'm playing a tricolor infect/counter deck right now and this is always the single card I want to get out earliest, along with Unbender Tine or Voltaic Key so I can keep using it as often as possible before it gets destroyed. By then, I have enough lands to play Phyrexian Hydra, Bonehoard, and Unnatural Predation. Last time I used this combo, I finished the game with a 36/36 Hydra with infect and trample. The infect is even more useful since it HALVES the damage the Hydra has to actually get through.
Posted By: phil812k1 (3/9/2011 12:52:29 PM)


nickle nickle nickel nickel nickel nickel...
Posted By: dragonking987 (3/29/2011 8:56:53 AM)