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What happened to making respectable art for female characters? I thought WotC were on to something with cards like Knight Exemplar and Captain of the Watch.
Posted By: Leonin_Kha_Cameron (1/28/2011 4:49:43 PM)


Solid card but I think it may be a little overrated due to the new factor right now. Dies to any 4/4 for 4 creature leaving a pair of 1/1s and there are lots of 4/4's for 4. 4 mana is actually pretty high in WW and 5 mana gets you a Baneslayer.

Will definitely find a home in knight decks and possible R/W agro decks. Not a good fit for Quest and W/G actually has better options Thrun, the last Troll, Vengevine.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (2/12/2011 10:42:31 AM)


Pretty broken, this guy and maybe and other battle cry dude just win you games out of nowhere! Kill it quick or lose...
Posted By: CheeseTomato (2/19/2011 2:08:17 AM)



Legendary can be a bit of a drawback
Posted By: FoxxyEDarko (11/4/2011 5:42:33 PM)


She needs to work out a little. And get a new haircut.
Posted By: faisjdas (1/27/2011 8:57:52 PM)


The single battlecry card that is really good.

A great curve topper for White Weenie Decks.
Posted By: Vividice (1/28/2011 6:09:20 AM)


I was down to 3 lives and on my field I have a Knight Exemplar, an Accorder Paladin, a Mirran Crusader, and a White Knight. My opponent still has 20 lives and boasts 2 Malakir Bloodwitch, 1 Vampire Nocturnus, and 1 Gatekeeper of Malakir. I cast a Day of Judgment removing all vampires and Knight Exemplar. Attack with all my Knights and my opponent uses Fog, I cast this card and my opponent has no creature/permanent removal in his hands. On his turn he played a land, returned 3 Bloodghast and cast another to the field, he attacked and I blocked 3 of his creatures. I was down to 1 life. On my next turn, I attacked with all of my creatures, lead by Accorder and this card and the result was:

Hero of Bladehold = 4 damage
2 tokens = 6 damage
Accorder Paladin = 4 damage
Mirran Crusader... (see all)
Posted By: HPS (3/31/2011 8:25:15 AM)


The only reason I won't give this a 5/5 is because as a mythic rare it's just not special enough given that it is a knight. If it were a Mythic rare Soldier, than certainly.

However, it isn't crazy enough - Now if it chucked out two Knight tokens rather than Soldier tokens it would be a whole lot better.

It's a mythic, it should be broken.
(For reference to what I mean, my Ob Nixilis, The Fallen represents the perfect mythic given it's type)

4.5/5 for being a good all round card but not a great all round card.
Posted By: Vastator (10/4/2013 9:19:55 AM)


I gave it a half a star because its overpowered! If the two 1/1s didnt stay on the field it would still be swinging like a truck!
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/22/2012 5:04:44 AM)


Wow Shes Goin Right In My Soldier Deck! Peace Out Martial Coup. Love Both Versions Of The Art And @Faisjdas I'm Pretty Sure You Gotta Work Out And Get A Haircut You Dork. Not This Babe 5/5
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (1/29/2011 11:37:16 PM)