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This, master T, spine of ish sah, and if u can, doubling season =)
Posted By: BlackAlbino (3/7/2011 7:57:28 PM)


Combine Myr Battlesphere, Myr turbine, and Myrran Spy with this. you have a massive army in no time at all.
Posted By: Desertmaverick (8/26/2011 12:07:14 PM)


Mycosynth Lattice.

Pay 2: get two lands each turn.

Posted By: MasterOfBearLore (10/30/2011 6:42:34 PM)


Surely with this you could activate it many times.
Artifact enters battlefield
You activate ability.
You activate ability in response, etc.
= Many artifacts

Also, this with Caged Sun for a 1 land copy.
Posted By: senken12 (1/12/2012 11:16:13 AM)


If this ever happens to me I will be ecstatic.

Mirrorworks in play, then Shape Anew your Inkmoth Nexus or something and fetch a Blightsteel Colossus with 2 mana to spare...

Like it's been said, this card has an abusable aura about it.
Posted By: Philip-BANG (2/5/2011 3:59:26 AM)


@PsychicAvatar - No, it says when it enters the battlefield. Mishra factory has to have already been in play to activate it's ability.

I'm getting a set of these cards, it's going to make my artifact deck so much more hated. I'm thinking a Master Transmuter to return an artifact to my hand and recast it to copy it again. With Mishra out I search my library for another one and copy it too... Don't have Urza's armor in the deck but I might put it in for sick dmg prevention.

If there is two mirrorworks out, I could create two copies if I have 4 mana, yes?
Posted By: ParaDox420 (2/5/2011 6:31:17 AM)


Question, since rulings aren't posted yet (or at least I can't see them). Does this ability stack if you were to have more than one of these out at the same time? (e.g.: 2 Mirrorworks + 1 Blightsteel Colossus = 1 BSC and 2 tokens of it?) If I'm reading the text right, then I believe it should be that way. Because it would hit to both Mirrorworks separately and make a token off of both right? If so that would be evil to use in a multiplayer deck.
Posted By: DamyntheSilver (2/5/2011 8:55:44 AM)


Ok, after using this card a bit and thinking over what it has to offer, there are a couple things I would like to point out, obvious or not I would like to say them nonetheless.
Artifact land: This makes it so you can get 2 land out easily.
Affinity: This allows you to multiply the cards on your field to get affinity cards out faster and at times for nothing.
Grand Architect: This card allows you to use any of your artifact creatures to pop this affect for just one blue mana.
Doubling season: I don't usually see artifacts being used with green at this level, but yes, this just SCREAMS use me.
Collossus: whether you use this with Blightsteel or Darksteel, you now are gaining use of a giant 11/11 creature with a copy of itself that can trample and says I can't die, awesome.
X/X artifact creatures: With Darksteel Juggernaut in this set, and master of etherium useable in extended, this is cause for concern, cause those 2 cards can get RIDICULOUSLY huge with this in play and running r... (see all)
Posted By: InfernalIncinerator (2/7/2011 10:00:22 AM)


You know what I think???...
Myr Turbine+Myr Battlesphere+This+Voltaic Key+...well, you decide from there= Need I say more???...
AND if for some odd reason your Myrs die, Frantic Salvage. Get those artifacts back???...
Origin Spellbomb.

I love Myrs...

Oh, and to join the Artifact band wagon, Master Transmuter to "cheat" them into play!!
Posted By: Jokergius (2/7/2011 9:33:35 PM)


just so you guys know this + precursor golem = 18/18 for 7 mana. also makes kuldotha forgemaster so much better.
Posted By: saphireblade (2/10/2011 10:59:34 PM)


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