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Because every opponent should understand the difference between having to sacrifice their Blightsteel Colossus and having a different spell, say Doom Blade try and destroy it. Can be especially useful in {B} since sometimes you have stuff on the field that you WANT to die, such as a Dark Confidant when you are at low life and there are many things in {B} that will benefit from stuff going to the graveyard, such as Mortician Beetle.
Posted By: tcollins (8/8/2011 12:08:09 PM)


@sc umbling1: ummm...duh? that was the point of his comment? It does the two effects of smallpox that are safest symmetrically (life loss and creature sacrifice) without risking your lands or hand the way Smallpox does, and on top of it takes away the symmetry of even those relatively low costs. Makes it much weaker, but much safer, and much easier to build with (just include it), The most appropriate name for Geth's Verdict is, in fact, the Chicken Pox. It's not quite Doom Blade, but it's very nice, and a fair pick for 'Doom Blade 5-8'.
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/10/2011 9:04:51 AM)


why is diabolic edict 5/5 and this is only 4/5? this card kicks way more ass...
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (8/21/2011 1:55:36 PM)


This is a great card. Even better considering the new core set (M12) is really boasting quite a few Hexproof critters.
Posted By: Daedalus3 (8/31/2011 3:48:25 PM)


In monoblack better than Diabolic Edict, and for spot-removal, very hard to find a more efficient spell. It's power is limited only by the opponent having multiple creatures in play. Otherwise, to my knowledge, if it is the only creature in play, I know of NO SINGLE CREATURE that will not fall prey to this. Because, as far as I know, after 18 years, there is STILL no creature in existence that cannot be sacrificed. 5/5 for everything this represents in nlack. (btw LOVE the loses 1 life clause)
Posted By: supafly13 (9/6/2011 8:44:38 AM)


Hail the return of Diabolic Edict!

Time to make indestructible, protection from whatever and shroud/hexproof creatures go away at instant speed

It one B instead of colourless compared to Diabolic, but it has an additional small loss of life to your opponent

Posted By: Paladin85 (9/12/2011 9:52:20 AM)


I've always wondered why sac-removal doesn't get played more often in competitive decks? Seems like the only one regularly seen in constructed in recent memory is Gatekeeper of Malakir? What am I missing?
Posted By: Paleopaladin (9/14/2011 2:21:15 PM)



I think the reason sac removal isn't used is because it's ineffective against multiple creatures, especially when there are several creatures out. That being said, this and Tribute to Hunger might be played as sideboard cards to deal with Geist of Saint Traft, since the only way to get rid of it is with a boardwipe or causing your opponent to sacrifice it. Not to mention, Liliana of the Veil's -2 ability forces someone to sac a creature.
Posted By: iraah9 (10/11/2011 10:31:30 AM)



I know of only one creature that can stop it: Tajuru Preserver. They had to print that in the same set with Annihilator, together with a Guard Gomazoa, they render all Eldrazi Titans useless except to block with.
Posted By: EternalPhi (10/24/2011 2:58:10 PM)


In the prerelease, my card shop had us use 3 packs of Scars/ 3 packs of new phyrexia, and my opponent had managed to pull Venser, the Sojourner and Exclusion Ritual.

I had managed to beat him down to 3 life before he had gotten that combo off, and with a nice set of large creatures protecting his life, he started to just exile all my permanents, one by one.

I only had a blistergrub and Bleak Coven Vampires left, so in absolute desperation I cast parasitic implant on my blistergrub. My opponent chose to exile the bleak coven vampires, since I was killing the blistergrub myself.

So, during my upkeep, I sac the blistergrub, drop him down to 1 life, and then draw into this.
Posted By: Asmodi0000 (10/25/2011 5:24:41 PM)


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