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This card is just begging to be put under a Mosswort Bridge. Think about it.
Posted By: FirstPrime (5/22/2012 8:13:04 AM)


Suffers from the same thing that nearly every other instant and sorcery that grants infect suffers from: all my creatures have infect in my infect deck, I don't need to give them infect, and in my non-infect deck, doing poison damage is completely useless. I suppose they could be a fine card in a draft when you've tried to go infect but came up short on infect creatures and are playing a number of non-infecters, but I'm not a huge fan of cards that are only useful when my strategy has fallen apart.
Posted By: RedAtrocitus (9/26/2012 1:14:39 PM)


@ j_mindfingerpainter As a proud Mirrian-supported I feel the need to put this card down. Don't assume you are playing a goldfish:they will have blockers. For example if you swing it with a 4/4 boosted by overrun and they block with a 4/4 you will deal them three points of damage (15% of their life total). Hitting them with a 4/4 boosted by triumph of the hordes will give them one counter (10% of their life total). In this case overrun is superior. In addition the three toughness provided by overrun is more likely to keep your people alive in the even the attack is not fatal. Finally is overrun is more synergistic with its fellow cards. If this is put in an infect deck it is weak: four mana for +1/+1 and trample as your creatures will areal have infect. In a pure deck it will have no impact if the stroke is not a finisher (nine poison counters and nineteen damage do not kill someone).
Posted By: Stinga (10/8/2012 5:01:12 PM)


EDH makes this card work out. Until the end of the turn, any player that takes 10 damage from your creatures lose the game. Use on big hitters or a swarm army. At the very least, you could knock out a player or two which makes this card worth it.
Posted By: Singe (10/19/2012 3:01:32 PM)


This card is a ton of fun, but it can be pretty nerve-wracking because by the time it's useful (turn 4 or so), you can be pretty close to done. But that's what makes it funm too. In the last week, I've won games with 1 or 2 life left at least 10-15 times.

My deck is mostly hexproof Dungrove Elder, 7/7 for 5 mana Phyrexian Hydra (w/infect as a bonus), Primal Growth and Fungal Sprouting. I throw in a Biorhythm as back-up, Boundless Realms to imporove late draws a bunch of mana producers).

Once you've gotten your Elder big enough (or made him big enough with a Primal), or been able to cast your Hydra, Fungal. Next turn swing w/Triumph. Boom.
Posted By: agrajag2k (2/6/2013 10:59:45 AM)


This is like Cleaver Riot with +1/+1 for one less mana.
Posted By: sweetgab (7/26/2013 9:14:39 PM)


You guys aren't looking at this card the way I am - as an ALTERNATE win condition in a green ramp/beatface deck. Imagine you've got your huge army out there because you've played half your deck already, but the person you're against is gaining an average of 50 life a turn (we'll say a g/w token deck). You've wasted three turns trying to get through their defenses and get some damage in, but they just gain that and more back the next turn. Fine, now all of your creatures have infect, and you only have to hit them for 10 points, instead of 275. Do you know how easy it is to get ten points in when most of your creatures were 7/7's and now they're 8/8s with trample? And let's say you've got something like Rogue's Passage down, and you've got a trusty Worldspine Wurm or something else that's stupid big...

And, even if they chump block to avoid death, you've probably just taken care of their entire army. Follow up with an overrun, Craterhoof, or another Triumph of the Hordes. GG
Posted By: Shawn7656 (7/28/2013 10:33:23 AM)


Don't play this in edh. People will hate you.
Posted By: leingodf8 (9/4/2013 1:00:10 AM)


I wouldn't write this off as being a mediocre overrun at all. This is good because it gives your deck some very nice reach versus decks that gain a lot of life or run indestructible blockers.

@leingodf8: I'll run this in EDH if my opponent runs Oloro, because then they asked for it themselves.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (11/14/2013 9:00:00 PM)


I like it, mostly because sometimes your opponent insists on gaining so much life (infinite for example) that your deck can have a free out with this.

If you give a global pump, global trample, to a mix of fat and little guys, and you only need to get 10 "damage" through; this is an out in otherwise unwinnable scenarios (arbitrarily large life totals) which makes it have utility/purpose different than the other green globals. Sometimes you can swing for 45 trample and not win. It's much harder to survive 25 trampling infect.
Posted By: blurrymadness (3/14/2014 1:50:50 PM)