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@Endomarru - Say a turn 4 Hellkite...4 Lightning Bolts, 1 Shock (or whatever the standard 'one mana, two damage' red spell is nowadays) equals 14 more counters on the 'kite the next turn, swing for 20. Yeah, that's 'basically the same'...
Posted By: Alsebra (7/14/2011 6:26:07 AM)



That would not work. In order to get the mana from Pyretic Ritual, it needs to resolve. Once it resolves, it's no longer on the stack to copy with Reverberate.

You could just use two Pyretic Rituals. That would get you the 4 mana.
Posted By: CJM2 (7/21/2011 12:15:32 PM)


Doubling Season?

This is one of the best mythics I've ever seen. Just what a mythic should be, really. Not overly powerful, and very flavorful. Reminds me of Lorthos, the Tidemaker in that sense. 5/5.
Posted By: Torturing101 (7/30/2011 9:23:44 AM)


The problem with this card? There's another mythic rare in the same set called Inferno Titan. The Titan impacts the board immediately once played and has the potential to generate card advatage as the game goes on. The Hellkite just attacks and... no, that's it. The Titan seems a lot more powerful, and more importantly, a lot more interesting.

No, Furyborn Hellkite is not vanilla; it's not even french vanilla. There isn't a term (to my knowledge) that describes a creature with two or more keyword abilities. Still, even given it's two abilities, it does nothing outside of one-on-one combat. I think the word some other posters were looking for to describe it is "boring". It's not terrible, but it just doesn't deserve mention next to the other big red dude in the set.
Posted By: scumbling1 (7/8/2011 7:46:21 PM)


@volsak I agree wholly on that bro. But in my opinion I'd run that in a R/G deck. Should things play out by that turn four or five you'd have an answer to things like Mind Control and Act Of Treason. Couple that red with Trolls in green and a few copies of Asceticism and plenty of Mana rampage. Just for that assured win unless they don't already have an answer. But then again that's just how I play.
Posted By: MorgandisPrimalSiege (8/9/2011 10:18:13 PM)


@ StreamHopper
Well put, my friend. I definitely belong to the first class of Magic Players. My friends and I met in college with a mutual love of Yu-Gi-Oh, and over the last year, it translated to Magic, but our feelings for how we played it remained the same. We played a few days a week for 2-7 hours each time, sometimes just two people, other times as many as 8 people in a match.
Still, we always played for fun, none of us had unbeatable decks that without-doubt killed everyone in 6 turns. Between us, there's probably about 50 decks, some fun and casual, composed of the only cards a person has, others absurd (one of my friends has a deck with only 4 copies of one creature and nearly every Planeswalker in the game); but none of our decks are unbeatable or kill too quickly for us to enjoy it.
Because that's the entire purpose of the game, to have fun. If you're confusing winning in Magic for winning in life, you clearly have issues. Seriously, if you're only going to use a handful of ... (see all)
Posted By: GolemEmperion (5/14/2012 7:05:09 AM)



I'll drop this turn 7 after a Gut Shot or Shock, happily.

Not that anyone in their right mind should play Gut Shot outside of NPH limited.

But yeah. Insane Mythic is Insane.
Posted By: WateryMind (7/7/2011 7:26:01 PM)


This is the most boring mythic rare ever printed. It's a vanilla flier. I find it about as exciting as Indomitable Ancients without Doran, the Siege Tower. Even if it was an unconditional 12/12 flier, I still don't think it would see standard play, at least not while Avenger of Zendikar is an option.
Posted By: KikiJikiTiki (7/7/2011 3:09:59 PM)


Ummm..... not meaning to dissapoint you, but it can be countered/removed/whatever by pretty much.... anything. Cancel, Essence Scatter, Mana Leak, Mind Control etc. for blue, simple Doom Blade, Annihilate or Erradicate for black, Exile ( +12 HP, yay!) or Unmake for white, Lava Flow for red, Lignify or Desert Twister for Green. And that's only few of many. Personally I love Dragons, but in Legacy it's useless.
Posted By: Schlapatzjenc (7/29/2011 5:17:33 AM)


Boring, boring, boring. Why Bloodthirst as the keyword they bring to the coreset? Scry was great. Additionally, there are so many more interesting keywords they've introduced over the years that they could have brought to the coreset that actually do something other than boost power and toughness.
Posted By: Nagoragama (7/13/2011 10:46:23 AM)