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Has Dan Scott tried to resemble his art for Evacuation? I'd prefer evacuation's art still...
Posted By: Frozenwings (7/8/2011 3:03:50 AM)


except for warp world is worth if you have lots of permanents and this is worth if you don't have much permanents.
Posted By: don_miguel (7/8/2011 4:32:19 AM)


Obligatory coin flip/"random"/swap permanents expensive red card. We love 'em anyway.
Posted By: Kirbster (7/8/2011 9:51:44 AM)


For a card with "scramble" in its name, all this seems like it would do is slooooooow down the gaaaaaaame.
Posted By: Goatllama (7/9/2011 10:00:28 AM)


It is like Warp World in that it's a big effect full of randomness. It's different from Warp World in that Warp World is only random on the surface, whereas this is randomness to the bone. There is almost no way to build your deck so this nets you any significant advantage.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (7/10/2011 12:15:42 AM)


Step one: Cast Scambleverse.
Step two: Cast Zedruu the Greathearted from the command zone.
Step three: Draw lotsa cards.
Step four: ????
Step five: PROFIT!

Sounds solid. But seriously, When I saw this I thought "What could I possibly need to u-Oh. Zedruu.
Posted By: Doom_Lich (7/12/2011 5:39:55 AM)


I don't have an EDH deck, so I sighed sadly when I pulled this.

I'd also like to say this card is an inconvenience in large multi-player matches. It was a 6 person free for all and it took us damn near 10 minutes to get everything sorted out, and when the match ended it took another 5 minutes to make sure everyone got their cards back.
Posted By: Jesicani (7/15/2011 1:28:20 AM)


Scrambles the deathdealer
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (7/15/2011 12:54:36 PM)


I love Warp World and Wild Evocation (and I run them in EDH because where else?) and I'm not even sure I love this. It seems to take a little more deck engineering to be profitable than the GROUP HUG GROUP HUGE KABOOM stuff that comes with Warp World and Wild Evocation. Could be a lot of fun in red/green mana ramp/tokens I guess. Get a bunch of Eldrazi Spawn, ramp up to this, and hope to trade your remaining spawn for their best stuff? Could be great in Ulasht, the Hate Seed or Wort, the Raidmother or something.

Posted By: dummy2205 (7/15/2011 6:58:52 PM)


Ugh. I got this as one of my 6 rares at the release sealed tourney. Fun for commander, I suppose, but not so much in limited. In all honesty, none of my rares were much good.
Posted By: SirMalkin (7/15/2011 11:45:39 PM)