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He isn't catching them with the flamethrower, he is using them as fuel for the flamethrower.
Posted By: Malasthar (3/26/2012 11:52:33 AM)


3/5. Needs to be an enchantment or at least more toughness.. Waaay to easy to kill, but I want the ability for cheaper. Hmm
Posted By: Silence9 (3/31/2012 1:46:48 AM)


The lack of the word "may" cost me many games against my friend who plays this. I'd get my sac engine running, and both of us forget about this ability for a couple of turns. When he remembers, my stuff has died enough for me to take lethal damage.
Posted By: theNinja-degozaru (4/5/2012 11:53:10 AM)


@ Travis44

If Rage Thrower dies at the same time as another creature, its ability is still triggered. It says so in the rulings on the Details page for this card.
Posted By: benzensulfonic (4/8/2012 8:13:59 PM)


...so he's telling us that he's an optimistic madman?
Posted By: Mode (5/12/2012 4:11:45 PM)


Sad that this guy costs 6 but can't even survive a Shock, because I really like the idea.
Posted By: Stickfire (5/24/2012 2:01:29 PM)


Use this with Heartless summoning, Perilous Myr, and maybe Necropede, and you get some major damage going on.
Posted By: Todris052 (5/29/2012 4:42:57 AM)


Black or Red Blood Artist deck?

This guy is too expensive though, six mana for a 4/2 just isn't good enough. A 4/3 would even be fine just to get him out of range of Pillar of flame range. But I suppose in RedWhite humans you could swarm, Blasphemous Act and burn them out.
Posted By: MindAblaze (8/5/2012 2:24:55 PM)


This could see play in Rakdos decks
Posted By: R_if (10/2/2012 4:13:29 AM)


Sad, even sadder when judges don't know what there doing either. Thats why I like playing online, no having to teach stubborn people the rulebook and no incompetent judges.

Anyways, look at this guys flavor text. Imagine a zombie movie with a guy running around with a flamethrower. That's this guy, almost worth making a deck around him just for that.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (10/27/2012 11:41:18 AM)


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