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Storm crow is angry.
Posted By: muggtonp (2/15/2012 5:12:19 AM)


I have that bird in a blue black control deck. Activate it each turn until you have two or three mana left, for a mana leak or dissipate, and deal a good amount of damage that way. Later play snatch ideally some titans you milled that way with gruesome encore.
Posted By: majinara (2/16/2012 2:08:26 PM)


Field of Dreams
you can use this to keep your opponents from getting the cards that they need.
For example: take cards from the top of your opponent's deck until there is a land card so the only thing he/she can draw will be land cards.
Time ebb
Put an opponent's useful creature on top of his/her Deck and then send it to the graveyard.If you have lots of mana you can use Echo Mage to copy the Time ebb.
Posted By: DanyoleT13 (2/24/2012 10:19:30 AM)


This could actually make Elemental Augury worthwhile. Or you could always use something easier to cast like Portent or Natural Selection for maximum flavor.
Posted By: htgtmd (2/26/2012 3:57:36 PM)


Works nice with Griptide, if you have the mana
Posted By: Aqir (3/26/2012 1:17:34 PM)


YES! finally my birdies have something they can work with!!!
Posted By: Midnite_Of_The_Rose (5/8/2012 3:26:43 AM)


@occamsrazorwit, lets not get hasty here, in an average deck there's at least 30% land so that could easily get flipped then storm crow would prevail as usual
Posted By: imsully2 (6/12/2012 12:02:22 AM)


Roar of the Wurm seems like a neat idea, maybe this could fit in some silly UG madness type deck? Or you could just live the dream and set up Draco on top.
Posted By: Maraxas-of-Keld (6/21/2012 7:22:28 AM)


Trepanation Blade pumps this guy up further and guarantees the first card you will won't be a land. Time Ebb works as creature removal that also guarantees a pump. If you're going blue/black Suffer the Past is a good finisher that also stops reanimator decks.
Posted By: ducktacos (6/22/2012 6:47:53 AM)


A really good creature that had the horrible misfortune of being in the same set as Delver of Secrets. Has flying, is relatively cheap to cast, and can do some major damage in the right deck and with enough mana. 4.5/5
Posted By: JasonPaul601 (7/3/2012 8:13:25 PM)