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With the entire world at war, who wouldn't want angels on their side?
Posted By: d-101 (9/23/2011 9:02:41 PM)


This is the only card that I hate in the current Standard meta. I can't wait till it rotates out. I respect nearly every other card in Standard but this is just ridiculous. If it didn't have hexproof or it didn't create the angel, then it wouldn't be that great. The combination of the two makes it unstoppable.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (5/11/2013 7:34:25 AM)


what the f*ck is U/B doing with 3 drop creature that gives you a total power of 6 when attacking?!
Posted By: made4ipod (10/27/2011 12:16:51 PM)


I am so incredibly psyched about dropping angelic destiny on this guy. Combos that are both vorthos appropriate and functionally incredible are extremely hard to fund.
Posted By: Laguz (9/24/2011 8:36:08 AM)


Thank goodness he's legendary. At least he has one drawback to offset attacking for 6 with CMC 3.

Seriously really good. Sweepers, blockers or sac effects are your options to deal with him.

@Nago: Keep in mind the angel DOES have evasion, so you can still decide to swing him into a blocker and (usually) get four through. That's not too bad if you think of it in terms of what a Flames of the Blood Hand (a card that sees some play even in older formats) could do.
Posted By: FogRaider (10/5/2011 10:54:06 AM)


Hey Wizards, here's a handy tip: UW Control win conditions are supposed to cost more than three mana. Kind of defeats the purpose of the control/aggro dynamic.

Drogskol Reaver good, Geist of Saint Traft bad.
Posted By: GlassJoetheChamp (4/24/2012 6:30:44 PM)


This guy is ridiculous. I made a couple proxies to try out (definitely not shelling out $20 for one) and he wins the game almost instantly. I play him in an Esper colored deck that runs more like a Bant Aura deck. No wonder he sees so much tourney play. Whoever designed this guy is pretty evil...
Posted By: Smoke_Stack (2/11/2013 11:51:30 AM)


"At first glance he looks very impressive, but the lack of evasion seriously hurts him. Must attack to get any use out of his ability and he dies to nearly every early game creature. Maybe with Swords he'll be viable, but I'm not sold on him just yet." -- Nagoragama

How is that still the top comment?
Seriously, look at this card. He's hexproof for crying out loud.
What more could you possibly want from a 2/2 three-drop that makes free 4/4 flying attackers?

He dies if you just attack with him right away? Well, thankfully he doesn't win you the game by himself. But what are you concerned about, even at that point you're attacking with a total of six power for three mana, of which two thirds of them likely hit your opponent directly. Nevermind some more shenanigans you could do with that angel token.

You don't want him to die? Well then what are you waiting for, use him in a deck with Auras and Equipment to give him evasion and/or make him stronger, is it that hard?

If a... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (11/27/2013 12:48:35 PM)


I was thinking what Tommy9898 brought up. It would be awkward trying to do everything during the main phase but I'd be pretty psyched if the deck became playable in standard.
Posted By: TPmanW (9/22/2011 9:24:16 PM)


Hey Serra Angel! I can use some help here!!!
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (9/22/2011 9:41:18 PM)