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Put a +1 counter on a Bond Beetle because it is the right thing to do.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/1/2012 6:29:21 AM)


He is good, but there is far too much target removal in the current format for his -3 to see much play, and aside from preventing undying monsters from coming back, I don't see much use for his +1
Posted By: LordBubbles (7/8/2012 6:47:53 PM)


That middle ability, is ridiculous. woolly thoctar or rhox war monk sounds like a plan.

oh geez: ramp to turn three woolly thoctar and rancor, turn four drop Ajani 3.OOOOOoooh yeah. 14 damage will have to do..
Posted By: heavyterror (7/10/2012 12:33:04 AM)


This card with the new format and Populate puts this card off the charts...defend him long enough to get to his ultimate and populate the shit out of the kitties,,,your opponent will be meowed to death...not to mention the ticking time bomb you create with this and Armada Wurm in the late game...use armada wurm to defend and keep growing him with the +1 ability of ajani...OMG!!!
Posted By: JaceMysticMind (10/20/2012 4:16:34 AM)


That -3 alone can win a game on its own if you're taking advantage of exalted. Have a bunch of instances of exalted on the battlefield, give your attacker flying and double strike, then swing for the win. Sublime Archangel, for instance.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (7/5/2012 10:00:11 PM)


I really don't understand the flavor of the -3, but it's still a game-changer. Pity about not really protecting himself too well, though.
Posted By: ichorNet777 (7/5/2012 10:08:26 PM)


I wanted to jump for joy when I pulled this in the prerelease. Despite not having a good way to protect himself and his -3 not making much sense flavor-wise, he cleans house. Even as a singleton, I think it could find a home in my GW Humans deck.
Posted By: ThePantsAreDead (7/7/2012 3:29:05 PM)


omagawd, I missed you ajani! You don't help me gain life anymore but everything save your +1 ability is superior to his m11 counterpart in just about every way except the first ability. But if you use it just right(he partners with mikaeus, the lunarch incredibly well.) and he's devastating.

Turn 1: champion of the parish
Turn 2: mikaeus with 1 counter on it. Champ is a 2/2.
Turn 3: Ajani, give mikaeus +1/+1. Give mikaeus' counters to the champion to make it a 3/3 or make mikaeus into a 3/3.
Turn 4:knight of glory or sublime archangel. Give mikaeus counters to everyone and you could even give an extra counter to your champion with ajani, he's now a 6/6 or so.
Turn 5: you've now got two turns to protect your champ with faith's shield and win with flying/double strike. Exalted will either make your champion into a 7/7 with the knight out, or an 11/11 with the angel out.

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Posted By: Vakyoom (7/8/2012 9:59:32 AM)


Great card!
Posted By: PretzelBraids (7/8/2012 6:37:36 PM)


When White Sun's Zenith just doesn't give you enough cats, just add 8 counters on Ajani for MORE CATZ
Posted By: Paladin85 (7/9/2012 9:27:45 AM)