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Absolute bomb in limited. I don't think I've ever seen any card change a game around so much. Gives you enough life to take you out of the red zone and loads up your hand.
Posted By: Steric (9/30/2012 4:58:46 AM)


Yes please to both
Posted By: TravisBlanchard (11/17/2012 8:37:39 AM)


As a RW aggro player. I can say this card really rock my socks off. Nowadays if I see my opponent playing WU I always feel pressure to finish the game by turn 7-8. when my opponent plays Sphinx's Revelation, it usually means I will fold in 2-3 turns time...
Posted By: Gabby_Leow (3/7/2013 7:43:04 AM)


Looks like the kind of card you'd want to run 1 of anyways. I mean, yeah it's a good card, it's just, for that price ($ wise) it just isn't THAT impressive. Then again, I'm the guy who said the same thing about Jace the mind sculptor until I got one for myself so what the hell do I know XD.
Posted By: Drewskithelegend (3/18/2013 1:41:39 AM)


Doesn't really feel...mythic. I mean, drawing cards and gaining life. Yeah. Like the mighty magics of the gods that one.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (9/26/2012 11:45:13 AM)


I wonder what would happen if you used this in Unhinged... WUU 1/2 gain half a life and draw half a card....
Posted By: herpdaderp (1/8/2013 11:27:28 AM)


Honestly I think I like Blue Sun's Zenith better.
Posted By: rollinsclone (9/27/2012 10:29:33 PM)


It's difficult not to complain about it's mythical status.
I mean Misthollow Griffin was an on the curve creature, but it's ability's unique.
This is under the curve spell that isn't unique.
Yes, it's defenders can say "it's an instant you noob!". Well okay, suppose I'm a noob, would it bother you if this card were rare instead? It'd fit much more and wouldn't cause "controversy", but....oh well.
Posted By: Dabok (10/4/2012 12:24:36 PM)


It's instant, which makes the cost less punishing (you probably won't use it till late game anyway). Gaining life AND drawing cards can tip the balance of the game for control decks.
Posted By: Cyberium (9/26/2012 12:32:43 AM)


One measly W more for a modern day braingeyser ain't bad. 4.5

@Hygroscopicguy YUP.

Posted By: Psychrates (1/19/2013 11:13:22 AM)