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You could always use his second ability on yourself to combo with Runechanter's Pike.
Posted By: Subtle_Kay (8/10/2012 1:38:40 AM)


Combos with Spiteful Visions. You don't have to target yourself.
Posted By: RunedServitor (9/7/2012 11:51:11 AM)


i believe ral zarek is already on the U/R Planeswalker spot. or not?
Posted By: chainsmoker (9/9/2012 7:51:20 PM)


This card has 3 1/2 stars, yet Omniscience has almost 5? How did that even happen? Nice of you all to tell Wizards that it's OK to keep doing what they're doing.
Posted By: OMG_A_Fox (9/18/2012 9:34:04 PM)


Found this in a random Booster Pack, used it multiple times to dry up my enemy's deck, even when paired with Serra Angel(random, right?)
Posted By: SynergyShade (10/8/2012 9:08:31 PM)


Won many games with his -7 ability and Psychic Spiral together. God I love my milling, and Jace just adds even more to the frustration.
Posted By: Zugh25 (10/13/2012 2:45:46 PM)


5 mana for a 10 card mill each turn isn't bad all by itself.
Posted By: TheKazu (12/3/2012 4:31:56 PM)


Hey, I just got back into MTG after about 12 years away. How do the abilities on this card work? I never saw these types of abilities when I played all those moons ago.
Posted By: pnut743027 (12/10/2012 3:15:04 PM)


While good for mill, will just go straight to the Snapcaster mage fund if I ever get one.
Posted By: Emperorerror (12/16/2012 5:03:08 PM)


Thought I could use his ultimate with Zombie Infestation in an Undead Alchemist deck, but it seems the +0 ability is just too great to pass...

"Yes, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage ?"

Posted By: Dankirk (1/6/2013 9:50:48 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!