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I think Wizards just got bored of all the "dies to" comments...

But in all seriousness, this is an AMAZING card, especially at common.
Posted By: phyrexiantrygon (2/4/2012 10:23:54 AM)


Hate this card so much.

During the release tourney, I thankfully pulled Garruk Relentless and unfortunately, lost every game.

Regardless... I played Garruk, and my opponent was beating me silly with an Abatoir Ghoul. I decided to sac Garruk to save myself, but in the end, he used this.

Kind of liked Persist better (considering the negative bonus).
Posted By: Ferlord (2/5/2012 3:18:11 PM)


Lots of silly things can be done with this card. As others have said, removal "dies to this," it's a nice way to answer board sweepers - oh, look, now you have the only creature left, and its bigger - and it even handles sacrifice effects. This can definitely see play.
Posted By: Radagast (2/7/2012 11:20:26 AM)


With this you can laugh at pretty much any kind of removal that doesn't exile your dudes.
I think i like it even more than Angelic Renewal.

Also this can be abused very easily:
Powerful (self)-sacrifice effects, or simply creatures with good cip/etb and "pig" effects work nice with this.
Evoke is great with this card, and gets even better with Morbid (e.g. Tragic Slip):
-Shriekmaw: Double-Terror and a 4/3 elemental with Fear for 1BlackBlack will make your opponent tremble.
-Æthersnipe: You just got yourself a 5/5 and Dispersed twice for 1BlueBlueBlack.
-Briarhorn: Has flash, so this allows some mad combat tricks with one more 4/4 on the field and two Giant Growths.
-Cloudthresher: Also has flash and takes care of most flyers.
-Walker of the Grove: Build up a decent army.
-auto... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (2/11/2012 12:15:10 PM)


This runs really nicely with Cauldron Haze but then again, everything with undying plays nicely with persist. Running both in my G/B morbid deck for sure.
Posted By: turtleknite (2/12/2012 1:24:33 PM)


Once, just once, I'd like to use this on my opponent's Eater of Days, and then Doom Blade it.

I guess after my next four turns I should Doom Blade it again, and then cast Pyrrhic Revival.
Posted By: Ragamander (2/19/2012 3:46:14 AM)


HA!!!!!!!!! I Go for the Throat YOUR........SOMETHING YOU LIKE MUCH, NOW IT DIES

wait a second..... i have 2 of them, i Pongify my Solemn Simulacrum, just putting a 3/3 ape token in the battlefield, a +1/+1 on the Solemn Simulacrum
,add a land from my library into play tapped, draw a card and trigger all ability's like whenever a creature enters the battlefield, whenever a craure dis and whenever you cast a spell an ALL ON INSTANT SPEED FOR
'1 BLUE AND 1 BLACK MANA!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Crackmore (2/24/2012 9:21:22 AM)


The art reminds me very much of the Evil Dead movies, can't remember if it's in the first or second, but the similarities are striking. My friend used this on his Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, needless to say I was boned.
Posted By: poprockmonster (3/5/2012 8:57:41 AM)


Flesh Allergy + Magma Phoenix + Undying Evil + any other sac engine (Bloodthrone Vampire or Culling Dais)

Flesh Allergy wipes 2 critters for 2 damage, the Phoenix procs and drops 3 damage on all other critters, board wipe for anything x/3 or lower. then it comes back and you sac it again for a board wipe of all critters x/6 or lower. You guarantee at least 9 damage from this combo AND if you can board wipe who knows how much extra life you pinged your opponent for not to mention you just wiped the board so they have (almost) no retaliation. 6 damage is enough to wipe even titans!
Posted By: alphagprime (3/7/2012 1:43:01 PM)


My MonoBlack Infect deck gained a serious boost in staying power when I added 3 of these.
Making a (seemingly) unfavorable trade with something like a plague stinger results in the opposing creature being down -1 and your stinger is up +1.
It makes Phyrexian Crusader even more resilient.
It allows you to make use of Whispering Specter's ability and keep swinging, with a bonus!
Tezzeret's Gambit lets you buff your critter even more after the fact.
Annoyed that you can't use undying evil on your creature more than once? Virulent Wound.

What is there not to like about this card?
Posted By: roguepariah (3/10/2012 6:55:44 AM)