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Because Liches Seek to destroy all life.
Posted By: Osprey_93 (12/17/2012 7:06:40 PM)


One of four cards in magic that refers to judaism, by my count (the fourth is to christianity)

1 wrath o god
2 phylactery lich (phylacteries=tefillin, a jewish prayer device)
3 sheoldred (search sheol, the jewish underworld)
4 preacher

Im on board i guess.
Posted By: patronofthesound (12/22/2012 1:29:00 PM)


Turn 1: Slitherhead
Turn 2: Inquisitor's Flail
Turn 3: Phylactery Lich
Turn 4: Equip, scavenge, and swing for 12!
Posted By: Jhyrryl (1/21/2013 11:09:56 PM)


Rating differences:
M11 = 4.4,
M13 = 3.7.

This is because M11 not only had some artifact support (Ornithopter, Voltaic Key, etc.) but M11 was followed by the second-most artifact-heavy set since it's ancestor: Scars of Mirrodin.

What does M13 follow? Return to Ravnica: a primarily multi-coloured set.

If they printed a multicoloured counterpart (maybe it was Esper or Jund-coloured) which needed to Phylact a multi-coloured permanent, then we'd be in business.
Posted By: Ferlord (6/4/2013 10:14:51 AM)


This card has great versatility. What it loses in having to be chained to an artifact it gains back with its 5/5 attack and defense stats as well as its low mana cost. Darksteel Relic into Dark Ritual Phylactery Lich. That is an awesome first turn play.
Posted By: Xeste (7/29/2013 4:38:28 PM)


This lich loves wielding a darksteel axe.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/29/2013 8:10:17 PM)


I crash my Phylactery Lich into the wall.
I don't care, I love it
Posted By: Cloak_of_Mists (8/14/2013 3:40:05 AM)


Or you can liquimetal coating the Lich in response to the enters the battlefield ability. Then put the counter on it. I am my own horcrux!
Posted By: jinxedidol (8/30/2013 4:34:16 AM)


So when the enters the battlefield ability triggers, just target it with Thran Forge or Liquimetal Coating so it can target itself.
Posted By: raptorman333 (9/5/2013 12:52:37 PM)


Think I want to pair my set of these up with some Darksteel Brute's. The Liquimetal Coating is a good idea too of course. But my main theme, is to go for a zombie deck. So those Brutes would be pushing it. Mainly, they would be serving a dual purpose, of course.
Posted By: Deadling (9/12/2013 2:53:48 PM)


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