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Picked up a copy of this card. Don't have a deck for it. Looks kinda unplayable. Still, I like it and I don't know why :)

edit: so I put this card in a Grixis deck alongside Nicol Bolas and I gotta say, I love it. As soon as I get seven lands on the field, I can tutor up bolas and the extra land I need so that turn 8 he's wrecking shop. Despite the prohibitive cost, this thing is a beast and being able to tutor up as many cards as I can pay for it an awesome way to grab whatever I need later in the game. Probably don't need more than a 1 of in any deck but its worth it.
Posted By: Smoke_Stack (3/4/2013 11:07:35 AM)


use it with a Call to Mind and Elixir of Immortality. i played a game earlier today where i cast Diabolic Revelation 3 times and when won the game i had a Diabolic Revelation in my hand. i only own one. pulled everything i wanted out of my deck numerous times and was recycling everything.
Posted By: Batmann (3/14/2013 7:03:35 PM)


How about you whimps be real men and learn how to play this card in standard 1v1 duels. This has allowed me to counterlock people. Grab another one of these, dissipate, and elixir of immortality. Fueled by the powerful Gilded Lotus.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (4/16/2013 6:38:20 AM)


After destroying my friend several times we decided to trade decks to see how I'd fare with his cards. He had this in his deck and I never survived long enough to cast this card. The worst part was that even if I was able to cast it for x=4, there was nothing in his deck that was worth tutoring. We spent the next hour building him a new deck.

I can think of so many better cards to play for 7 mana other than a tutor 2.
Posted By: ojchahine6 (5/18/2013 5:34:11 AM)


In monoblack EDH, transmute your Dimir House Guard or use whatever search for your Crypt Ghast. Turn 5, you're casting Diabolic Rev for x=5. I personally go for Dread Cacodemon, Rune-scarred Demon, Sepulchral Primordial, and Ogre Slumlord with the fifth being some situational removal or something
Posted By: Anaxie1 (6/29/2013 3:22:57 PM)


Can be used in Tendrils of Agony decks to utilize all of that mana you just ramped. Go grab more things that ramp or cast for neutral mana such as Priest of Gix, Blood Pet, Rituals, and more.

Works well next to urza-tron and green. Consider G/B Lotus Cobra decks as a model for how you can ramp a ton of mana very quickly, grab whatever your combo pieces are, then finish out next turn. You can get 7+ mana T4 without any problem, and that's enough to grab your Ultimatum, Harrow, and if you have any extra, grab something else, possibly another harrow!
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/16/2013 3:13:42 PM)


I like the flavor of this card a lot. Art, name, function and rarity-wise it says "hey, I'm a bigger Diabolic Tutor." And I like that! I like the implication! An Infernal Revelation? Mystical Revelation? Idyllic Revelation? I was a big fan of how Time Spiral block tied in existing cards, and this is a good example.

Function-wise, I can see it being either lackluster or hilarious, depending on the format. If you're rockin' a crazy casual Cabal Coffers/Dark Ritual orgy of black mana ramp, then this is fantastic. Otherwise, it's probably only going to find real utility in a protracted battle and make you sigh when it takes up a spot in your hand too early to use and just sits there.
Posted By: Hepatizon (9/23/2013 12:51:53 AM)


This card basically states "If you have the mana, I'll get you everything you need to win the game". There is literally nothing in the world better then casting this for 7 as the last card in your hand. Probably the most blatantly powerful black card in EDH. It's like a black enter the infinite.
Posted By: Ligerman30 (5/11/2014 8:05:38 PM)