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I rated 5/5 for coolness, even though it can easily be destroyed.
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (1/31/2013 1:52:30 PM)


@Totema: Yeah, that seems pretty cool; it's also the most common use for this card and part of the reason GSZ got banned in Modern.
Posted By: Continue (3/27/2013 10:35:07 PM)


Hmmm. Green Sun's Zenith and Aether Vial were both mentioned as ways of bringing this card into play. Neither will work since this creature doesn't have a cast cost. It isn't a zero cast cost creature card, it's a no cast cost land card.
Posted By: elhajjaj (8/17/2013 3:12:51 PM)


@demidracolich: That maybe true but if you are looking up the community's favorite mythics, you tend to get drowned out by FTV commons and uncommons and it is annoying.
Posted By: ultratog1028 (10/20/2013 3:01:46 PM)


This mechanic would've actually been awesome for Earth Elemental.
Posted By: EGarrett01 (12/22/2013 5:20:55 PM)


Fun fact: If you look closely at the picture, or if you look at Brad Rigney's (or Cryptwalker's on DeviantArt) Fullsize DeviantArt print picture (http://www.deviantart.com/art/Magic-the-Gathering-Dryad-Arbor-314779981), you can see two people on the right making out.
Posted By: MasterOfParadox (12/28/2013 1:18:43 PM)


@MattLynn: I believe some of the effects (such as Woodwraith Corrupter's) would overwrite some of the previous effects. If it had said "in addition to its other types," then maybe.

Also: 5/5 for flavor. I love the idea of land creatures, and I wish we had more. I understand how this supports Green, but with all the Elf decks I've seen, gosh.
Posted By: Jdrawer (5/20/2014 6:03:34 PM)


Woopty doo. A land that can be destroyed with a lavadart.
Posted By: Meatloaf_Wizard (6/5/2014 10:53:11 PM)


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