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It just needs reach really. The flavor-text even states that it can pop up and down "with startling quickness".
Posted By: noobmag1 (3/3/2013 1:55:18 AM)


I think whoever designed it had a "daddy long legs" type of an arachnid in mind: webless and groundbound, wide rather than tall. Even the "fold itself into a tunnel" in the flavortext feels more "wide critter squeezing somewhere narrow" than "tall thing crouching down". Hence no reach.

I like it. Haven't found a *use* for it mind you, just like it :P. I wish vanillas got more support, stuff like petroglyphs (buffs contigent on having no abilities) and pre-errata Ascetism(abilities through a third party, so they can have flexibility without being disqualified from their buffs).
Posted By: IncoherentEssay (5/16/2013 9:00:58 AM)


Whenever I see a green vanilla creature like this, I feel at least slightly content in that it can get a buff from Muraganda Petroglyphs that few others can.
Posted By: NARFNra (7/6/2013 11:11:01 AM)


Surprisingly good card, I've never been sad to run it. It's easy to cast and hard to kill.
Posted By: kazenpaus (9/6/2013 12:55:52 PM)


This is a pretty decent power and toughness at common for mono-black.
Posted By: Luchian-D (9/12/2013 9:25:43 AM)


It's pretty good in limited and pauper formats. A 5/4 vanilla for 5 is okay for a common. It has no place in constructed or other such formats though.
Posted By: MechaKraken (9/20/2013 11:35:06 PM)


Has anyone else noticed that this guy is golgari's signet?
Posted By: Black_Sun28 (10/19/2013 9:14:08 AM)


Its flavor text makes me feel like it should have flash or something. Sadly it doesn't, which is too bad because it's a very cool looking creature but as is there really isn't a use for it. I guess it could be an ok scavenge target for Varolz?
Posted By: RamenAwesome (1/14/2014 8:48:21 PM)


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