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If this would have been printed as a demon from Rakdos for 2RedBlack,
i would not have had any doubts that this was, in fact, a demon.
Those chains and the gloomy, fire-lit background seem to suggest
that the scene takes place somewhere underground.

So i actually wonder if this artwork was originally intended for a Rakdos demon.
I'm not going to complain though - this is a great beast card.
Posted By: Mode (1/26/2013 8:26:54 AM)


I already had a boner for Colossal Might. This is just stupid.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (1/26/2013 10:39:46 PM)


I love this card for a few reasons: It's a 4/4 for 4 and it's art is beautiful. The bloodrush ability is pretty good, but I wouldn't use it if I didn't have to. All and all, really good card!
Posted By: demonknight18 (1/28/2013 6:36:25 PM)



Anyways, this is stupid good. Seriously, I'd use this just for the BloodChannel alone.
Posted By: psychichobo (1/29/2013 2:29:02 PM)


So THATS where Gruul Charm went.
Posted By: BloodCrank (3/31/2013 12:32:35 AM)


This is one of the best uncommons along with Vampire Nighthawk and the charms (though not quite as good as either) in Standard at the moment.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (4/26/2013 11:28:44 AM)


The best Bloodrush card, and it's uncommon. This is odd.
Posted By: Pendulous (6/4/2013 3:07:49 PM)


Usually better than Colossal Might, except that it's also an on curve creature when you have nothing to Might.

Easily the best of the bloodrushes. Don't need a bloodrush deck to use him, just replace your combat trick with this guy, runhim in an aggro deck, call it good. He'll tear things up no problem.

Note that colossal might still has a few places it belongs:
-Next to Bloodbraid Elf and Violent Outburst
-Next to Kiln Fiend or other "instants and sorceries matter" cards
-On Isochron Scepter (why might? Fun)
-In pauper
-It's nice that it can be used on the defense

and probably a couple other situations I'm not thinking of. Still, this is an awesome card that usually plays as a better CM but with options.
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/15/2013 11:47:54 PM)


I played this before Innistrad rotated in a R/G werewolf deck, and it got absolutely silly. I would attack with a bunch of big creatures, and my opponent only lets a 2/2 through, but then that 2/2 turns into a 6/6. For 2 mana, I might add.
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (11/26/2013 6:32:45 AM)


In limited, is great. In standard, similarly impressive. A lot of the time it's a 2-mana kill your blocker and deal 2 to your face. Hardcasting it is a little sad, but a 4/4 is still beefy, and while it dies to smiter, not many other creatures that are playable can trade with or kill it during combat. The real problem is that control decks respond to your bloodrush with Azorius Charm or a kill spell, and that is a big blowout, in terms of mana, card advantage, and tempo. Picking the right time to bloodrush is a good skilltester, since you have to read what your opponent has in hand.
Posted By: Aremath (12/12/2013 7:41:40 AM)