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Rule #2: Double Tap
Posted By: OutlawD1 (9/30/2013 9:34:43 AM)


I just want to put Archaomancer this and supreme verdict out there for a board wipe every turn.

- It should also be possible with Planar Cleansing (the creature and aura leave at the same time, but it should check back and bring them both back as per gift of immortality's text) and Mnemonic wall to make the combo run more smoothly.
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (9/30/2013 3:26:54 PM)



Posted By: MrShinyObject (10/1/2013 3:38:47 PM)


Props if you play this on a Worldspine Wurm!
Posted By: VoidLord (10/2/2013 5:26:24 PM)


Can I Gift of Immortality something like azorius arrester then infinite sac it during end phase for infinite detains? or does beginning of end step make that not work?
Posted By: deathcoolbro (10/6/2013 10:01:30 PM)


The card is good, but there are plenty of ways to deal with it (exile, bounce, enchantment removal). Also, the end of turn step gives people an extra chance to get rid of the underlying creature. The creature hits the board again, but the Gift of Immortality doesn't return until the end of the turn.

Cards don't even need to be powerhouses for this to be useful. Try putting it on a Festering Newt with a Bubbling Cauldron out. You gain four life, your opponent loses four life, and you get a chump blocker back before the end of your turn that just won't die.
Posted By: CaptainNV (10/8/2013 12:28:54 AM)


When I saw the "its owner's control" bit, my mind instantly went to Zedruu EDH. Gift a creature to an opponent, then when it dies you get it back. Or, alternatively, stick this on a Bronze Bombshell for repeatable face-burning. I think I like this card.
Posted By: Polyphemos (10/9/2013 8:08:38 AM)


Hmmm... I might try this with Composite Golem and Fist of Suns
Posted By: Manapanda (10/12/2013 11:24:25 PM)


So what happens if i play this on a creature, the some one plays unhallowed pack who gets control of it?
Posted By: bhart (10/23/2013 6:38:11 PM)


Put Aura Shards on the battlefield, then play Qasali Pridemage. Right away you get to destroy an enchantment or artifact. Next, enchant the Pridemage with Gift of Immortality and now you've got the power to easily remove two enchantments or artifacts per turn. Fun combo. Great card!
Posted By: canadiantuxedo (11/26/2013 9:11:41 AM)


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