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Under the right mono-black conditions, this bro can swing for 10 a turn or more and cause death triggers. 4/5
Posted By: talcumpowder0046 (11/25/2013 3:36:30 PM)


The "drawback" is often a useful benefit in black. Besides, by the time you cast this guy, he should be able to amass you a pretty sizable army of Harpies.
Posted By: surewhynot (1/6/2014 8:59:41 PM)


Total bomb in Theros Limited. He hits the table so hard it leaves dents.
Killer creature in a vacuum. Shuts down the Akroan Horse. Enables Tymaret. Insane with Phalanx Leader (everything is insane with Phalanx Leader) and the only non-rare non-combo defense is... oh wait, there isn't one. They Sip of Hemlock the demon, you get to keep the harpies.
Phenomenal pull for any black draft.
Posted By: Heretical_Tarp (1/8/2014 2:43:20 PM)


Bunny demon.
Posted By: gus_aspara (1/13/2014 12:43:18 PM)


Opened him,BR scry land, Mogis, Grey Merchant and whip in prerelease. Before then I thought it was a bad card...
Posted By: Drewskithelegend (2/3/2014 12:45:54 PM)


Very black; very strong. Swings for a minimum of 7 in the air for 7 mana on its own. A limited bomb and killer Timmy card that just screams "This card is black!"

Posted By: highdesertvike "Too many people look at cards in a vacuum, when interaction with other cards is what makes the game fun...at least to me."

While it's true that Melvins care about a card's interactions with itself and Johnies care about the interaction with other cards, some cards, like this one, just get to get away with both.

The only players that don't like this kind of dude are the most efficiency-crazed constructed Spikes. This thing is a monster of self-synergy and game synergy that hits the board in a way that's too big to ignore.
Posted By: PopcornBunni (3/2/2014 2:55:03 AM)


Oh hey, that looks like Stonehenge in the background. Wonder what's up with that.
Posted By: LordRandomness (3/14/2014 12:48:09 AM)