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Brimaz actually isn't THAT strong, it's just that wizards is clearly trying to tone down the powerlevel of cards which makes Brimaz stand out. Look at the useless crap that's come out of Born of the Gods and Dragon's Maze and you'll see a general downgrade in powerlevel of the cards.

In creature-based matchups he's just a good card. But he actually cannot attack through a loxodon smiter, a fellow 3-CMC creature. It can never beat Polukranos. And so on. It will get outclassed quickly. It's no thragtusk or restoration angel. It's really only to smash control decks because that's where making multiple creatures is useful so that the control deck has to either sweep or play multiple 1-for-1 removal spells, and it's a decent brick wall when against aggro decks.

Brimaz will be good in standard and will see little play in modern and almost no play in EDH.
Posted By: mdakw576 (4/24/2014 4:14:23 AM)


I remember seeing a comment saying someone tried to type in his name and came up with Burger King of Oreos. XD

Anyway, this card is nuts. Its stats are above the curve, and having that ability on a 3 drop is nuts. It doesn't die to the new black removal (Bile Blight and Drown in Sorrow), makes it so you don't have to overextend into Supreme Verdict, etc. Definitely a player in Standard, maybe older formats but I won't hold my breath.

The only downside is that they're $30 bucks a piece right now. :(
Posted By: Ogonomany (1/28/2014 3:43:26 PM)


This card is a thing. But, as a member of the Le Reddit army I think this card is a meh over all. we can't judge this card yet because we need to see what the pros tell us what to think first.
Posted By: hot4boys (1/28/2014 7:58:56 PM)


Sure, at first glance he looks good, but really think about it. When he spawns a token attacker, it's only a autocard... (see all)
Posted By: Swag_Crow (2/15/2014 2:23:06 PM)


You may have read my comment already on Thoughtseize. If you have, it's the exact same thing.

I apologize for copying this massively long comment, but I just want to share this theory with others and see if you'll agree. In fact, I believe Brimaz might be affected by what I'm talking about.

I have heard many comments on cards like Fleecemane Lion and Prophet of Kruphix, wondering why the cards are rated so low.
It's not because those cards are not played. It's because someone is purposely doing this.

I have noticed this trend when a new set comes out. Initially, everyone clamours to give great cards high ratings. And then, after a few weeks after it has been released, card ratings plummet.

Snapcaster, initially 4.7 stars out of 5, was once 4.1. Geist of Saint Traft, initially 4.5/5, was 3.9/5. Boros Reckoner was 3.7/5. Thragtusk/auto... (see all)
Posted By: Ferlord (2/3/2014 8:23:50 PM)


I open this today and well i'd feel guilty to play it, i'don't like this kinds of cards cause very strong on it self.
Posted By: MojoVince (2/10/2014 3:04:50 PM)


Because balance is to mainstream.
Posted By: TheDoomknight (4/12/2014 3:36:11 AM)


This really wants me to find a way for it to block multiple creatures.
Posted By: Purplerooster (1/28/2014 5:17:42 PM)


This is one of those cards where the question isn't "Should I put this in my deck?", but "What deck should I put him in?". Does he go best in mono-white? Mostly white but with red for Purphoros? Bant? Something else?
Posted By: A3Kitsune (1/28/2014 5:33:13 PM)


A Jani's wet dream.
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (1/28/2014 7:02:13 PM)


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