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Run with myr deck, tinker, and Darksteel Forge.

Turn 1: Myr servitor (or any other turn 1 myr)
Turn 2: Myr servitor (or any turn 1 or 2 myr)
Turn 3: Tinker for Darksteel Forge
Turn 4: Tinker for World Slayer
Turn 5: Lodestone Myr
Turn 6: Equip and wreck
Rinse and repeat until victory.
Posted By: Crosserenti (8/24/2010 7:51:30 AM)



The correct procedure for crafting a Worldslayer is as follows: First, you need to travel deep into the uncharted realms of the Multiverse, and obtain the raw materials from the core of a star just as it goes Supernova. You must then use entropy to shape it in a forge constructed entirely out of the dreams of angry children. Having done that, you travel to a world rendered barren and nameless by the warring of its former occupants, so you may cool it in a lake filled with the tears of dead gods. Once you have done these things, the final step is to construct a hilt made of depleted Uranium, affix it to the blade using pins made of the same, and wrap the hilt in blood oaths to ensure its grip.

Then you can toss it to your Zodiac Monkey, and watch the fireworks.
Posted By: StuartHamilton (12/6/2010 3:03:45 AM)


Put it on a Darksteel Myr with arcbound creatures. Turn six, equip and start blowing everything up every turn. Arcbounds die and constantly power up the myr of death.

Or, for the most frustrating victory ever, make a deck with no way to pump up Darksteel Myr whatsoever. Get the combo online, and attack for zero to the face every single turn, blowing up whatever lands and creatures with summoning sickness that managed to be cast this turn. The secret to winning this way? Your deck has 61 cards in it.
Posted By: SleetFox (9/24/2010 3:26:46 PM)


@Mecha kraken: i wuz playin my cazual rtfact deck in my house and when my perilous myr attacked i yelled across the kitchen the bottom line of ur quote. then i got mana screwed and lost
Posted By: ZX-XZ (7/2/2011 6:15:21 PM)


It Slays Worlds
Posted By: darkfury (11/21/2009 9:44:24 AM)


darksteel brute + darksteel garrison + those two darksteel lands + this. OMG
Posted By: Omenchild (3/30/2010 11:20:59 AM)


Play for the lulz.
Posted By: J_Lennon (1/19/2011 8:26:26 PM)


Happy Birthday!
Its not, please tell me you had nothing to do with this
Why don't you blow out your candle?
You've gone to far this time Carl
What's that? Its hard to hear you over the sound of melted city
How did you even do this?
A dollop of fairy dust
I ripped the tag off a mattress
This isn't funny carl
Who's laughing? Clearly not all the people who just exploded...

For the rest of Llamas with Hats 4:
Posted By: kiseki (8/15/2011 8:05:52 PM)


I am happy to say i got this onto a DSC 11 trample DESTROY EVERYTHING EVERY TURN MUAHAHAHA.
Posted By: thaviel (8/2/2009 4:05:37 PM)


an active Bloodchief Ascension?
Posted By: Fortunefriend (5/24/2010 5:56:32 PM)