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@schoolmonkey: No, Pauper is correct. X is only "set in stone" on the stack if it's an X that you pay as a cost, like "pay X mana" or "discard X cards". If it's just "Do X things, where X is some number", then that's counted on resolution.

For example, an Auriok Bladewarden activation can be hosed by Diminish in response. People can up or down the amount that Batttlefield Medic will prevent by killing or making Clerics at instant speed. And so on.

I'm glad it does work that way, because Zedruu the Greathearted is an awesome card :D
Posted By: alextfish (8/5/2011 4:37:52 AM)


This + any sac effect.

A one sided wrath that can get rid of creatures with indestructibility, shroud, protection etc.

Or if you are behind on board presence, BOOM, i think i'll get back into this game, Or win it.

This card has many applications.
Posted By: FullMetal1988 (8/5/2011 5:00:21 AM)


I always considered this card a quick preview into the lunacy that was the Urza's Block... Not that the Rath Cycle was weak, this card just didn't feel at home there. Most of the realy strong tempest cards were on a more or less fair curve. This is one of the few cards of that era that produced degenerate effects all on its own.

(Yeah i know, survival of the fittest, recurring nightmares, oath, etc etc etc... )
Posted By: nunyaJs (12/27/2012 5:59:36 PM)


This card brings back fond memories of playing The Sparkler precon deck from Stronghold. Precons were just different then - there was so much power and strategy involved, rather than just showcasing a keyword or guild/set mechanic. This deck required so much skill to play, because it was all about timing, choices, stalling, and getting to 6 mana with no acceleration so you could buyback your spells and eventually win with either this or Fanning the Flames. 2 walls and Mogg Fanatic were the only creatures in that deck, so you were counting on being able to grab all of your opponents' creatures and swinging with them on an empty board. More often than not, you were playing from behind the entire time, until finally able to stabilize the board and in full-on desperation mode, a turn or two away from losing. It showcased the fact that Magic is a game of choices - do I use my singleton Ransack to search for an answer... (see all)
Posted By: Equinox523 (3/28/2013 10:35:32 AM)


I used this in combination with Altar of Dementia to mill someones deck with his own creatures, good times
Posted By: DonJaap82 (1/7/2014 11:32:10 PM)


Looks like this is a continuance of the art on Helm of Possession.
Posted By: C5r1a5z0y (2/12/2014 12:39:12 PM)