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Much better since you do'nt need Solitary Confinement like you would with 'form of the dragon'
Given that you are a nutter and playing with squirrels, being turned into a squirrel is far better than it seems. Not only do you get to make chittering noises at the displesure of your opponents, your Nut Collector's and Deranged Hermit's will not leave you wanting.
keep a Swarmyard handy though, it will keep you around a whole nut longer.
remember - An army of squirrels is still an army -Squirrel Mob (yes they get boosted by you as well)
best card ever printed artful and well done - 5 / 5
Posted By: KMcombine (5/22/2010 8:29:45 AM)


Use Elspeth, Knight-Errant final ability, then cast Tajuru Preserver, Fountain Watch, Platinum Angel, and finally cast Form of the Squirrel. Equip all four of them with Whispersilk Cloaks.

Now, let everyone try to kill you... hehehe.
Posted By: 001010011100101110 (8/30/2011 9:25:12 PM)


You can't use Opalescence + Torpor Orb to stop the token from being created because the token is actually created as part of a replacement effect that modifies the way it enters the battlefield (a la Clone, Coldsteel Heart, etc.), not as a triggered ability. Note the "As this comes into play" wording as opposed to "When this comes into play".

This replacement effect creates a delayed triggered ability that will go off when the token leaves play, much like the abilities of Phantasmal Mount or Dance of the Dead.

The question is, if you Donate the enchantment away before it triggers, who will lose the game?

The answer can be found in 603.7f (emphasis added):

603.7f If a static ability generates a replacement effect which causes a delayed triggered ability to
be created, the source of that delayed triggered ability is the object with that static ability. The
controller of that de
... (see all)
Posted By: mutantman (10/2/2011 2:56:51 PM)


Whispersilk cloak
or any artifact that gives your creatures shroud...
Unless your opponent has artifact removal, you win.
Posted By: Zoah (1/31/2012 4:17:16 PM)


Wait. The squirrel has no protection. Needle Drop will make you lose the game, and there are a lot better spells than that to kill the squirrel with XP

Sorry, the Squirrel Decks were awesome, but I'd rather lead them from behind than become one myself. Being a Dragon at least puts you out of Lightning Bolt range and your creature token won't be killed by a chump blocker as often.

The basic concept of this type of card is spledidly amazing. The execution was much better on Form of the Dragon. eh, it's Unhinged, so I was kind of expecting that.
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/14/2012 9:45:06 PM)


Shield of Kaldra and Whispersilk Cloak should do the trick as long as your opponent doesn't have Final Judgment or sacrifice spells.
Posted By: Arachnos (8/21/2012 4:35:35 PM)


All these crazy Ideas to get it to be viable... When all it takes is a Sundial of the Infinite.
Posted By: Ancient_Mossdog (10/8/2012 1:50:07 AM)


Ok, I just made an account to comment on this. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Confusion in the Ranks!
I made a reject rare cube for drafting and won the first emperor game with this combo. After having Confusion out, I played this and gave the enemy Emperor the enchantment and my ally general the token, which he then sacrificed and won us the game.
Posted By: DropkickHighFive (10/18/2012 10:19:51 PM)


Gut Shot! In all seriousness though, if your opponent does not have spot removal you win turn one with this card.
Posted By: docstorm (12/8/2012 7:22:40 PM)


@001010011100101110 : Countless ways.

Final Judgment, Hallowed Burial, Black Sun's Zenith for 4, Terminus, and that's just off the top of my head.
Posted By: deventio7 (2/4/2013 7:17:57 PM)