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At the beginning up your upkeep search your library for theros and put it into play
Posted By: Mr.Freshness-Timmy (1/18/2014 12:28:06 PM)


If you're casting any of the Epic spells, make sure to use Chandra, the Firebrand first so that 2 keep going off, as the initial copy will get epic as well. This also goes for any other fork effect on the initial casting of an epic spell.
Posted By: the_unthinkable (2/9/2014 7:54:14 AM)


Now that we have the ten (and soon fifteen) Gods of Theros, this card became the centerpiece for my WUBRG Child of Alara/Progenitus EDH deck. You can use Form of the Dragon and Phyrexian Unlife to make sure you can't lose, toss out a bunch of Shroud-giving stuff like Greater Auramancy and such, and then lastly grab things such as Propaganda for that last layer of protection. By the way, use Island Sanctuary to stop drawing cards. Once you start grabbing gods, it's all downhill from there. Aside from having a TON of enchantments on the board, if all 15 gods are on the battlefield, they provide enough devotion to animate each other so you can LITERALLY unleash the power of all the Gods at once on your poor victim.
Posted By: WarioMan (2/18/2014 11:24:11 AM)


I'm mainly an EDH player, and I've put together a deck list with 41 enchantments to make this card go crazy. Obvious inclusions, Paradox Haze for double the pleasure, Form of the Dragon, Dovescape and Phyrexian Unlife to never die, and a bunch of other cheeky pieces as well. My win-con is Eidolon of Countless Battles from Born of the Gods, slapped with an Ethereal Armor and Daybreak Coronet.
Some of the cheeky enchantments are auras that steal permanents. There are also a bunch of non-enchantment pieces to help fish out pieces I need; tutors and creatures like Academy Rector.
I'm excited to get all the pieces together and test it out.
Posted By: kor6sic6 (3/12/2014 9:51:01 AM)


Can be very good in the right decks. Great for slower, more casual formats, such as EDH. I know my friend would like this in his Uril deck. I have a Zedruu deck based on controlling the game via enchantments. Clearly needs a deck dedicated to it. Just need something to either stop drawing, or some way to put the card from your hand back into your deck since you cannot cast them after this resolves. Good card but limited in scope. I'd give it a 3.5/5
Posted By: Bbone37 (3/23/2014 11:07:56 AM)


Interesting. I take back about what I said about how bad this card is. I see what you all mean about how this could be really good in the right kind of deck.
Posted By: TheGamerTrainer (5/1/2014 8:51:07 PM)


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