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It's better than the other one in my opinion. Why? It can't be countered. I'm the counter psycho from the other side of the Door to Nothingness so trust me when I say that I know how dangerous that can be. She also grants protection from my favorite color combo and flies. Overall, I don't think there is a card that I'm more afraid of (Except Boil, but I have something for that) Trying to think... Nope, my main deck has absolutely no defense against this lady... Although I will admit, she looks like she would be nailed in a quick hurry by any black player.

Dangerous, but gets exponentially less useful if there is nothing black on the field, but still good. She also has a balanced price.
Final: ***** (Flashy but not broken)
Posted By: Zoah (5/24/2010 3:16:45 PM)


Posted By: SirZapdos (5/15/2012 5:37:09 PM)


This is some great card design, and along with the artwork a great counterpart to the classical one.
I guess the oddity that the white Akroma has haste while the red one has not shows her special status.
Posted By: Mode (9/21/2009 1:38:35 PM)


pretty cool but i still rkn white akroma was A LOT sexier...
Posted By: Tigrex (9/22/2009 10:14:39 PM)


I thought Exalted Angel was pretty dang good but this angel takes the cake for morph-tastic angelic perfection.
Posted By: Mr_Hendry (9/24/2009 12:09:27 AM)


if anything, Akroma's feathers as angel of fury are cooler. slight downgrade from wrath as she doesnt have vigilence
Posted By: darkfury (11/1/2009 11:06:05 AM)


NIce rework... as was said, play with Akroma Memorial to get both versions of angel at once, and then fear monogreen destruction spells and brutal flyers...
Posted By: Neutralion (2/3/2010 1:15:07 AM)


if your playing against a white blue deck this card is amazing and easily wins the game once it hits the feild..one of the best side bar cards ever too. 5\5
Posted By: hhfgd (3/6/2010 6:17:40 PM)


you can't stifle flipping a morph card face up. Its not an activated ability and it doesn't use the stack.
Read the morph rules.
Posted By: The_Prophet (3/17/2010 6:08:11 AM)


Your opponent plays Akroma, you then respond with a Gather Specimens
Posted By: EnV (3/24/2010 7:07:46 AM)