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This screams "Break me." It is definitely not easy to play outside of mono-black, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Urborg+Cabal Coffers, anyone? In EDH, this presents a terrible choice: lose a lot of life, proboably putting you behind everyone else, or let your opponent have an extra turn, during which they might do who-knows-what.

I like it. 5/5
Posted By: ParishInquisitor (2/20/2013 7:49:03 PM)


Well, everybody is all riled up about one guy's brutal assessment of this card, but I got to agree to an extent, this card wasn't what it was hyped up to be. Losing half your life is an effect that gets progressively worse as the game goes on (and worse every time you cast Temporal Extortion, the same problem Traumatize had), while taking an extra turn gets better as the game goes on and you have more permanents to take advantage of the extra turn.

These two effects are at odds with each other. If you want to deal maximum damage (usually 8 to 10 damage) with this card, you have to cast it as early as possible, like turn four. At this point, your opponent will probably let you take advantage of the extra turn with the non-land permanents you casted turns 1-3. Huray?... Most often they'll just have blockers your creatures can't get over profitably and you payed BBBB to cast Explore. At best, you'll get a Dark Confidant and... (see all)
Posted By: troll_berserker (7/23/2013 1:01:23 PM)


I have yet to lose after playing this card. In a good situation you'll essentially get double your damage or better. The worst I've ever seen this card do:
Down to 3 with Phyrexian Arena.
Take turn, down to 2, tap out to drop extortion, guy lets me have it. Drop a Swamp and Dark Rit into the Hidden Horror I drew, ditching Demigod of Revenge.
Turn two, down to one, Drop a Demigod, pull the two out of my grave and swing for 19. gg.
Posted By: ax_morph (7/29/2013 1:02:31 PM)


This card would be very fair even without the "extortion" drawback. Adding the drawback makes it generally unplayable outside of casual formats.
Posted By: absreim (7/31/2013 9:13:59 AM)


I'm reminded of the old phrase, "If you don't like this card, it probably wasn't made for you."

Please say, "This card is weak," not "This card sucks." Because it doesn't. Just look at it. It's got some haunting abstract artwork and sweet flavortext and a cool unique effect and it costs BlackBlackBlackBlack and it's EVIL.

Majinara is probably right that it's deceptively underpowered. The extra turn is less valuable early game, and the proportional loss of life is less valuable late game. It's unreliable and too often will give you very little value.

But why are you mad? Are you trying to help people who understand less than you, or just insult them? That's the whole problem. If majinara said, "This card is much weaker than it looks," instead of, "This card sucks", his comments would be highly rated and respected. Instead he just antagonizes people who don't share his values.
Posted By: JimmyNoobPlayer (3/28/2014 6:23:57 AM)


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