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What is it enchanting? Oh its not an aura you say? Okay what is the enchantment half of the creature doing?
How about an Enchantment Creature - Aura ? Would that break the game? lol
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (10/10/2012 2:26:44 AM)


I would like to see thus become a regular thing. Maybe have then stop hosing enchantments and make things like Fog Bank into enchantment creatures.
Posted By: JanusAurelius (10/15/2012 10:06:52 AM)


The Art is simply perfect as an Enchantment Creature.
Posted By: skorpionrazor (1/8/2013 4:33:48 PM)


You've heard it here first, folks: They're going to announce that Theros is an enchantment block, and this card will be one of the strongest nonrare bombs in Theros limited block.

The prophecy shall ring true.
Posted By: Delandel (7/4/2013 11:01:15 AM)


Should have costed 2White and been a 2/2 flier instead of this. So that I could fetch it out with Zur the Enchanter!
Posted By: MithosFall (7/16/2013 9:47:24 AM)


Calling it now: reprinted in Theros.
Posted By: darkterrorblade (7/20/2013 4:50:08 PM)


How's it going, Theros?
Posted By: Coralus (7/24/2013 5:56:42 PM)


this probably won't be reprinted in theros. wotc has said they like creature enchantments as an idea but maro thinks this card was a failure. this will be the thing in theros that "was only done in future sight," not the reprinted card
Posted By: CogMonocle (8/2/2013 7:08:37 PM)


Well, with Ethereal Armor, he's a 5/5 First Strike Flier for 3{W}{W}{W}... Which is really not all that impressive.
Posted By: NARFNra (8/13/2013 7:32:32 PM)


Confirmed to be the Furtrure Sight mechanic in Theros. I doubt it'll be reprinted, only Gods are living enchantments.
Posted By: DaLucaray (8/27/2013 11:37:19 AM)


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