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He was born to combo with infinite mana and Voltaic Key and Prototype Portal
Posted By: Racnornam (12/19/2012 9:48:03 AM)


I created a Wizards account just to vouch for this card.
You are all missing an important detail... it is an Artifact... that produces Artifacts. You also underestimate the power of multiplayer format.

My combo!
The Hive
4 Darksteel Citadel + 1 other artifact land. (Using a Prototype Portal/Darksteel Citadel makes you a target, but does make this much easier.)
Unwinding clock.
And, finally, Grinding Station.

Simply target the person that goes right before you do and multiply the number of people in the game x3. That is the number of cards he will mill every round until something in the combo is removed.
However, the best part is that this combo is very, very innocuous and can all be used for Kuldotha Forgemaster, Claw of Gix, and Grinding Station fodder.
Posted By: Azskar (4/2/2013 1:30:33 PM)


You are all right, of course. This is a terrible, terrible card for a duel. That being said the first wildly successful group deck I ever built was based on this thing.
4x of these, the urza lands, 4x angelic voices, 4x castle, 4x life chisel, and 4x Wrath of god. The rest of the deck was flavor of the moment, but this was the core of it for a couple of years.
This would have been when you could still buy "The Dark" at the game shop, whenever the hell that was. A long damn time ago, anyway. So while some of these cards are not great by todays standards, at the time, in a group game when you were likely to have plenty of time to build before things got nasty, it did very well. I have run some variation on this theme ever since, though I have swapped out nearly all the cards for better options at this point. Except the ol' Wrath of god. There are newer versions, but bang for the buck it is tough to beat the original board wiper.
Posted By: DataTroll (3/1/2014 11:49:20 PM)