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He's fragile, but if you can activate him just once, you've probably won the game. Combos with Concordant Crossroads if you want haste, and Vitalize for hilarity and speed..
Posted By: BongRipper420 (10/8/2012 12:34:20 PM)


I want someone to make an alter of this with Tracy Morgan. "I'm Brian Rofellos"
Posted By: SweetoothTKC (10/27/2012 8:27:42 PM)


So if someone were to write a serious flavor text for this, what would it be?
Posted By: emril (11/1/2012 9:25:39 PM)


Needs Hexproof :P
Posted By: Dannyman658 (11/12/2012 8:30:39 PM)


Am I the only one that the art reminds of "Strutting Leo"?
Posted By: Phage123 (3/16/2013 11:22:38 AM)


Pretty much the best mono-green ramp you could want. He doubles every forest, and if you've got some sort of tap/untap tomfoolery he's going to get you infinite mana fast.

Seriously, holy crap.
Posted By: Jannissary (3/25/2013 7:41:25 PM)


Double forests for two mana?

Absurd, even for urza

2 power when it should be negative?

Posted By: patronofthesound (5/5/2013 9:39:46 PM)


The only reason I don't play this guy is that elves go great with Armageddon, and he loses his functionality with that card. But if you are playing a more regular all-green elf deck, he probably rocks pretty hard.
Posted By: Technetium (5/20/2013 6:58:19 AM)


It's a real shame his toughness is 1.

It's also a shame he doesn't cost 1, has haste, and gives toys to all of the needy girls and boys.

But then if so, he'd be banned in EDH, Legacy and Burgermeister Meisterburger.
Posted By: Ferlord (7/4/2013 1:13:56 PM)


Why he's banned In EDH:

T1: Forest
T2: Forest, cast General
T3: Forest, Umbra Mantle
T4: Forest, Genesis Wave X=80
Posted By: CogMonocle (7/15/2013 12:48:40 PM)