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Malakir. Nuf' said.
Posted By: Artifice101 (10/7/2009 5:14:57 PM)


i love this card and think it is awesome. wen you put it into play you automattically destroy an angel, and when he attacks its pretty hard foryour opponent to block him. and a 5 converted mana cost is easy to play him, great card
Posted By: flzooman (11/5/2009 5:06:57 AM)


I was quite disappointed when I opened a booster and saw this. I was happier about my Grim Discovery.
Posted By: Batstewart (11/5/2009 12:58:47 PM)


Have you ppl looked at the rulings for this? Look at the intimidate part, it says "Normally, Halo Hunter can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or red creatures." Eh?

To the card itself, it's quite poorly designed to be a rare, but i think it was made to balance black's power in this set
Posted By: Qazior (11/13/2009 5:16:20 AM)


Poining this out to the other random guy, this can't actually kill a baneslayer angel, its ability would have to target the angel, and since its from a demon source baneslayer has protection from it.
Posted By: Behalter (11/24/2009 5:07:17 PM)


I absolutely love this card. But then, I play with Deathrenders and Rite of Consumptions in my Demon deck... Hit for eight, drain for eight, slap down a new nasty.
Posted By: iondragonx (11/24/2009 9:45:38 PM)


I don't personally care what anyone says, granted they have good points, but for the most part he's brutal, plenty of good angels he can annialate Serra Angel, Angel of salvation, Battlegrace Angel... Among others. I like his name just fine, leaves no question about what he's all about LOL :P
Posted By: AbyssalManZero (11/25/2009 6:41:17 PM)


Not bad at all in limited. Most players roll with 1 or 2 colours (usually 2 from my experiences), so it's effectively a 3 in 5 chance of being an unblockable 6 power creature. Of course, there's always Stonework Puma and Hedron Scrabbler, but neither of those can kill Halo Hunter on its own.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (12/3/2009 9:22:06 PM)


I've been seeing comments about Baneslayer Angel and how to get rid of it other than Doomblade. Building a deck with Halo Hunter is possible and viable if Terminate is added to that deck. Terminate (1swamp 1mountain) can remove any pesky creature that Halo Hunter can't remove. Terminate is legal in standard. Dark Banishing works too... point is Halo Hunter is good at removing "minor angels" effectively and that all it's good for. Now say you have Xathrid Demon in play... play Halo Hunter, destroy pesky minor angel like Serra Angel or the like, play terminates, lightning and incinerates to get rid of other angels (if you're playing a black red deck), sarcifice Halo Hunter deal 6 to all opponents. That makes Halo Hunter very useful! Just some ideas...
Posted By: blackstarheart (1/1/2010 2:32:14 PM)


People keep complaining about how bad this card is, how it's a waste of a rare slot, and all that. True, it's very unlikely to make it in standard. True, it dies to bolt. True, it's ability was created for resonance and flavor reasons that sort of FAIL given the three most popular angels in recent sets. But three things come to mind in response to these complaints: First, NOT EVERY RARE IS GOING TO BE GOOD! The bad rares are what make the good rares more worthy of their status as RARE and more expensive which keeps Wizards thriving. Second, certain cards are rare not because of their playability but because their effect isn't supposed to be a common or even uncommon effect. Who wants to see this card at uncommon, what with the whole "destroy target angel" bit?? Third, it actually ISN'T THAT BAD. An oft unblockable 6-power creature is great in casual and limited. Just consider the angel massacre an added bonus. Those who get this in a pack and swear just aren't creative enough (or are ... (see all)
Posted By: Selez (1/5/2010 8:18:21 PM)


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