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The funny thing is Malfegor doesn't worl that well in a Hellbent deck, besides a few creatures like Rakdos Pit Dragon. Hellbent wants you to burn through your hand as soon as possible, while Malf wants you to have cards in hand until turn 6.
He's still one of my favourite EDH generals. Play him the turn after a Bloodgift Demon or Harvester of Souls, with a Blood Speaker for shenanigans (when Malf ETB with Speaker on your grave, you may resolve Speaker's trigger first and get an extra sacrifice).
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (8/13/2012 9:29:51 PM)


Even without the bit that makes enemies sacrifice, he's {2}{B}{R}{R} for a 6/6 flier with a One with Nothing stapled to him! =D
Posted By: LordRandomness (8/16/2012 7:51:45 PM)


Malfegor just screams to be put in a reanimator deck. Just think, a hand full of high cost creatures and a suspended Ancestral Visions or Font of Mythos out. Play him, kill the everyone's field then next turn draw a few Animate Deads and bring back your hand. I love this card. He is the nuclear bomb in my demon reanimator deck. It turns his big drawback into huge grave advantage.
Posted By: Rikiaz (9/12/2012 8:01:27 PM)


My first EDH General ever, Bad-ass art and bad-ass name, lol
4/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (2/3/2013 3:14:14 PM)


This guy is deliciously both very black and very red.
Posted By: TastetheJace (2/4/2013 2:42:55 PM)


I feel a lot of player are forgetting about reanimator decks. You usually want to get rid of anything you have in your hand and this card is one of the best packages for that.
You get a 6/6 flying, you get to put your creatures in the grave and your opponent just sacked their own defenses. And NOT just one player but ALL OPPONENTS.

These card seems to be fairly underrated, i give it a 4-4.5.
Posted By: Vaxos (3/23/2013 9:19:09 PM)


My friend had a creature that had indestructibility, shroud, and pro from some combination of colors on the field and boasted that there was no way I was killing it. Despite it being a terrible move and costing me the game, I cast Malfegor just to throw that boast right back in his face. It felt good. Damn white cards.
Posted By: Goatllama (9/5/2013 11:35:17 AM)


I use Malfegor in a blue red black reanimator deck, and with an ancestral vision suspended, this card is just insane. And by the way, I made a friend of mine sacrifice is Akroma with him, it's too cool to have a red-black card deal with Akroma!
Posted By: Vorja (8/31/2009 11:57:27 AM)


this card is frickin sweet! i dont care wat any one says hes always really easy for me to get him out of my hand, and whenever i do my opponent gets very mad, AWESOME CARD!
Posted By: flzooman (11/6/2009 5:33:48 AM)


I might be missing something, but he looks like a (potential) Day of Judgement that gives you a 6/6 flier in exchange for sacrificing your hand. The only thing it may have over DoJ is that it can get indestructible creatures, but then, so can the 3 drop (2 + kicker) Gatekeeper of Malakir.

However, that 6/6 flier dies very easily to Celestial Purge, Terminate, Path to Exile, and some others with the right setup (ie. Dark Temper, Wretched Banquet).

However, if you were to first use some sort of hand discard (given that you need red and black, Mind Shatter looks like the way to go, or some Blightnings leading up to his cast) you'd then clear the board with him (potentially), and have a 6/6 flier with your opponent free of spot removal as they have almost no hand. It has potential, but only in the same way a lot of strong creatures have potential when there's no spot removal around.
Posted By: JaxsonBateman (11/12/2009 4:33:30 AM)