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I don't know what you all see on this Grizzly Bear. Yes, it can resurrect, but take it this way: you have a removal in hand and take a look at your opponent's side of table - you simply don't want to kill a 2-power creep with no evasion, regenerating or not, if he has anything better. And if he hasn't, then you are probably going to win anyway. Bloodghast is not bad, but you have many better two-drops to use (and for healthy price): Plated Geopede, for example, or Sejiri Merfolk. 2,5/5

@ mdakw576: That you will get with any Vampire. Nocturnus is great black Vampire lord, but that doesn't change Bloodghast's playability. When you attack with Nocturnus and Bloodghast, who will care that Bloodghast rises from grave? If attacked player has any blocker with flying or reach, he will try to put down Nocturnus instead of Bloodghast. For two-drop Vampire I recommend using Child of Night rather than Bloodghast - it is much, much cheaper for money, you can chump-block with two-point heal, and ... (see all)
Posted By: Tarmin (5/17/2010 5:10:14 AM)


Don't like it it's well weak, who cares how many times it comes back if it's weak? Who ever got so excited about a 2/1 tapping to attack? No matter how often it does it it's not gonna win a game. Block it, end of. It's a 2/1 for Christ Sake.

The only time this is any good is with Kalastria Highborn. But Even then anyone with any sense will kill Kalastria first so it won't be all that. Honestly though, I've never understood this card so if someone is willing to explain something that I'm not seeing then I'd appreciate it.
Posted By: MDStrawHat (7/17/2010 3:58:18 PM)


This returns more often, but I prefer Vengevine. Then again, I love Vengevine. Then again, Vengevine is considerably more durable and always has haste and can block in a pinch. I leave the choice entirely up to you.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (4/19/2010 7:35:05 PM)


It's okay. Situational haste, and no other real evasion makes it kinda underwhelming. Especially considering his size by the time he can have haste. Recurring so easily could make him kinda useful.
Posted By: Designer_Genes (9/26/2009 12:53:50 PM)


I'm not so impress with this card. Yup it almost immortal and has haste when opponent got 10 or less life but it can't save you in a situation like when you really need a blocker in order to stay in the match.
Posted By: jumpenrun (3/22/2010 9:43:21 AM)


This is my favorite card in Zendikar after Mindbreak Trap.
Posted By: DeviousPie (9/28/2009 11:55:46 AM)


I love this card although it is still weak regaurdless of how many times it comes back as well as cant block. I play with four of these and I am often screwed over from using them then benefitting from them. Simply because yeah I can attack all day from them but being defensless can end a game quick that is their major flaw.
Posted By: zinsavage123 (12/21/2009 11:42:02 PM)


Awesome,really.I especially like when the opponent suffers with killing it.
It's a good combo with quest for the gravelord...........and when you cleanse the ground with Day of Judgement than simply play a land and it gets back.So that's cruel
Posted By: Burstedburn (12/25/2009 8:45:07 AM)


Good combo card. Eg.: bloodghast + carnage altar + blade of the bloodchief + kalastria
For just 3B mana you have +2 life, -2 opponent life, +2/+2 boast in one creature, + draw 1 card.
This, every turn. Try to improve... butcher of malakir or bloodchief ascension

A pure black vampire deck in the Zendikar Block (20 + vampires), with this and other combos ill sure be an annoyance for many.
Posted By: Conrado (2/10/2010 12:22:09 PM)


Type your comment here.red sun's dawn mwahaha!
Posted By: lorendorky (3/3/2011 3:58:55 PM)