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Between this, ornithopter and the whole metalcraft mechanic I think WotC found a great, nonbroken alternative to affinity for artifacts that still fits in with the flavor of mirrodin. Also, alongside ornithopter this works wonders with steel overseer and tempered steel for a surprisingly fast artifact aggro deck.
Posted By: allmighty_abacus (10/8/2010 8:49:54 AM)


Please at common? No? FINE.
Posted By: http404error (2/6/2011 7:44:47 PM)


Just a wonderful little creature. However, the best part is that the flavor text uses the word "skirr", my nomination for "Best Word in a Flavor Text".
Posted By: gradaxer (3/18/2011 9:26:13 AM)


One last hurrah for Affinity and the horrible mean monster it was. Oh well, let's just blow up some moxes and battlecry our way to victory even faster.

Affinity for . . . wait, what? Always free?
Posted By: DacenOctavio (3/21/2011 11:16:42 AM)


It's 5/5 stars not because it's the most powerful card in the world (it is decent and sees play) - it's 5/5 because it's a bold move on Wizards's part and it's Affinity done right.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (5/23/2011 7:04:44 PM)


MTG's card of the day compared this to Dryad Arbor and, as expected, Ornithopter. It went on to reason that it should "probably" be okay, since the two mentioned comparison cards didn't exactly tear up the tournement scene.

While I agree that Memnite is "probably" okay- that is, not about to become the next 'Goyf or even Baneslayer- I kind of disagree with making such a direct comparison. The card is great, and a little bit groundbreaking- but this is an entirely new beast from Ornithopter and kin. This hasn't been done before, and I really don't think it will behave the same way as things we've already seen.

The Dryad Arbor is an especially troublesome comparison. Yes, it's a 1/1 for technically 0. But it takes up a land drop. And that. Means. Everything. It means that your 1/1 is not even as expendable as a Llanowar elf- you'll be losing out on land when it dies, and thus precious card advantage. It means that, since it's affected by summoning sickness, it ... (see all)
Posted By: DoctorKenneth (10/7/2010 6:07:19 AM)


I like the sigil captain combo.
Posted By: divine_exodus (2/11/2011 1:02:08 PM)


The best CMC to P/T ratio ever. Seriously it's basically infinite.
Posted By: mattblack04 (11/5/2011 10:20:48 PM)


if u look REALLY closely at the land behind him, i think those are mountain ranges. when u look at him at a glance he looks small. plus being a 1/1 automatically makes u think small. but look at the artwork i think this guy is bigger than memnarch himself honestly. those look like mountains to me. especially under his front right leg and beside his hind left leg.
Posted By: Hand_Bannana (4/8/2011 6:00:57 AM)


If one uses equipment or aura, Ornithopter would still be better for offense. However, in this block metalcraft could always use another free artifact...
Posted By: Cyberium (9/23/2010 5:26:09 PM)


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