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Well, this would be cool if you counter a cmc biggie, then load up a Banefire or something.
Posted By: Ruztyz (10/17/2009 7:21:34 PM)


I remember this card. It remains the best counterspell ever printed - a true indicator of the days when no deck worked without splashing Blue.

Wouldn't mind seeing a return to those days. Consistently nerfing Blue throughout the late 90s into the early 00s appears to have also consistently nerfed creative thought and play in M:tG.
Posted By: BrianPaone (2/28/2012 11:07:10 AM)


What's all the hype about? I mean, it's cheap, but it's just a counterspell. Not only that, but you can't even autoca... (see all)
Posted By: Swag_Crow (1/13/2014 3:59:04 AM)


I have an idea for a new counter spell.

U: Counter target spell, then win the game.
Posted By: Pentavite625 (9/26/2012 11:42:41 AM)


Even with mana burn this was broken as fu.ck

.5/5 for making classic pay 2 win.

But the argument must be made... if the card is so good, why is it that nobody is using it in decks that are winning Vintage tournaments?

That format is so fast you would rather have a counter that cost 0 mana then this thing which costs 2 blues.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (5/17/2013 4:24:51 PM)


Posted By: Endomarru (7/3/2011 1:40:14 AM)


Counterspell isn't powerful enough, lets make it ridiculous so people will start liking blue.

sure why not
Posted By: Mattmedia (8/19/2011 12:48:35 AM)


I'm pretty mad that this isn't on the reserved list. If there is anything that should be on the reserved list, its the one and only strict-better-than-counterspell counterspell that is so freaking broken they never should reprint it at all anyways. Instead, they have all these things that I want real bad and are legacy legal and aren't even that unfair.


Still, this card was more fun when mana drain existed. At least then it wasn't STRICTLY better.
Posted By: TheAj (1/4/2013 9:35:54 PM)


I wish I could ever counter an huge Eldrazi with this and then play two of them.
Posted By: Aun (4/25/2010 3:08:49 PM)


When this card was originally designed, there was only one main phase, and the combat step took place during the main phase. So the ruling that using it during the precombat main phase or combat causes the mana to arrive during the postcombat main phase of the same turn is a substantive change to what the card does. Instead, it should have received an erratum so that the Sixth Edition rules change would not have altered its behavior.
Posted By: quadibloc (5/10/2010 11:13:23 AM)