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@Glunders: but only if you can keep Stasis going forever...
Posted By: Arachnos (9/20/2012 6:45:23 PM)


I have a deck based on a 3 card combo using stasis. the other cards in this combo are Frozen AEther and Temopral Adept or Time Elemental. With this combo all cards my opponents put into play come in taped (Frozen AEther) and no one gets an untap step. the kicker is that I use my Temporal Adept or Time Elemental to return the Stasis to my hand during the end step of the turn before mine, I get a regular turn, including untap step, where I return stasis to play, as well as build an army. The key is to leave enough untapped mana sources to use the activated ability of the Adept (UUU) or the Elemental (2UU).
Posted By: psycho1dave (1/5/2013 7:22:03 PM)


I'm gonna go ahead and say least fun card ever...
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (5/14/2013 7:34:49 PM)


How has nobody mentioned garruk wild speaker yet?
Posted By: JoeNitrate (6/12/2013 9:09:56 PM)


But Fay Jones is still alive in Seattle?

Your mixing it up with the other Fay Jones, the architect, Darth.
Posted By: Thrull_Champion (8/5/2013 10:43:40 AM)


I predict this card's next reprint in From The Vault: Stalling.

All complete with new fancy art that still depicts the original setting by Fay Jones.

Other cards features in this set:
Winter Orb, Orim's Chant and Silence, Boomerang and Vapor Snag, Remand and Memory Lapse,
Propaganda and Ghostly Prison, Fog and Tangle, Wall of Blossoms and Wall of Omens.
Posted By: Mode (10/15/2013 4:29:43 AM)


me: so, all of your creatures and lands are tapped out, yet you are at 40 life, and i am at 1, and all I have is this tiny dutiful thrull, this kismit, and only 2 mana untapped.

opponent: mhh, you might as well concede.

me:quite the contrary, actually. Hidden strings, ciphered onto the thrull. untap the lands i used to cast it.

opponent:and that helps you... how?

me: I play stasis. attack with the thrull, you can't block, copy hidden strings, untap the thrull and this island, your at 39.

opponent: ok, my turn I-

me: nothing untaps, and because of kismet, everything enters tapped.

opponent *sigh*, pass turn

(39 turns later)

me:I attack with my thrull, you are now at 0 life, I win by hitting you with a 1/1 40 times

opponent: f***!
Posted By: orzhov20 (12/28/2013 4:36:56 PM)


Here's a flavorful (if not exactly efficient) combo with this: Eon Hub takes away the upkeep, Kismet (or Frozen Æther) keeps your opponents from saving lands up, Wheel of Sun and Moon recycles your discards, and Mana Short begins the lockdown. Do this and you essentially freeze time. Forever. Just wait for them to deck out.

Or (for the especially sadistic) give your opponent a wheel too, and Magic the Gathering turns into a game of "Who can put up with sitting here doing nothing the longest?"
Posted By: Gameguy602 (2/24/2014 10:45:15 AM)


The very first griefer deck's cincher. Launcher of a thousand rage-quits.
Posted By: Psychrates (3/23/2014 7:52:26 PM)


To those who think that newer sets no longer have surrealistic art like this, check out the art on Rekindled Flame.

As for the card, I think the developers made it the way it was because they thought it was just going to be a stall card. Without any combo, you have to pay mana on each of your turns to sustain Stasis, and the lands that you use to pay the upkeep cost don't untap. Because of this, I guess the developers thought that Stasis would just stall the game until you run out of land to pay the upkeep cost. SO MUCH FOR THAT IDEA!
Posted By: OlvynChuru (4/24/2014 8:07:22 PM)