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I agree that flavorfully and mechanically it should be Green, but historically, it's a White effect.
Posted By: NeoKoda (8/14/2011 12:35:04 PM)


this plus Privaliged Position.....death on swift wings....
Posted By: Midnite_Of_The_Rose (8/26/2011 6:49:32 PM)


I'm usually not a fan of this mechanic, but in this form it seems much more worth it, playable for sure, and definitely one of the more general leylines of the cycle most seem like sideboard material
Posted By: Ruminite436 (7/8/2010 12:44:38 PM)


"Red Deck Whines" = epic comment
Posted By: Swiftgamer18 (7/8/2010 8:51:44 PM)


This card is stupid. IT MAKES MAGIC NOT FUN. It's basically an autowin against a lot of red decks since they have no way to remove enchantments and no way to get burn in before it hits the table since it starts the game in play if you have it in your hand. I've seen decks not even playing white playing this card. Nothing makes magic less fun than a card that singlehandedly nullifies half the cards in the opponent's deck.
R&D should NEVER print cards like this. It takes a lot away from the game.

Cards like Solitary Confinement and Worship and Circle of Protection Red (against red) seem more gamebreaking and unfair but are actually all fair for two important reasons: First of all, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO CAST THEM. Your opponent has 3-4 turns to operate before they hit the table and drastically change the gameplay. Also, you need to use mana on your turn to cast them, meaning you are making the choice to play these cards over doing something else with your 3-4 mana. Leyline in open... (see all)
Posted By: RancoredMindfeeder (7/5/2011 2:12:28 PM)


Effectively shuts down Liliana Vess; unless you feel like forcing yourself to discard. I was actually going to say it shuts down Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker's ultimate as well, then I remembered he can just blow it away for +3.

Also; "Screw you, Wizards, for making entire deck concepts unplayable with a single card." your idea was for a creature-less-red-BLUE deck. The Leyline may hose Mono Red, but there's no way a single enchantment is going to shut down Blue. Counterspell, Cancel, Boomerang, Negate none of which are Mythic, and all of which would fit comfortably into a Red-Blue Creatureless deck.

There are no single cards which unpin entire decks. In my experience there is always an answer for every card; usually, that answer can be found at common, or uncommon.

It doesn't even "completely" shut down red. autoca... (see all)
Posted By: PhyrexianLobbiest (7/9/2010 1:23:13 PM)


This is great for sideboards but.. beyond hosing red and black sacrifice decks and burn decks, this does like absolutely nothing. Blue rarely interacts directly with the opposing player with spells, and neither does green, or other white decks. They see this in play and are like hah, way to go just took a card out of your hand at the beginning of the game to do absolutely nothing. Not to mention its not like it isn't removable. How hard is it for red to splash a bit of white for warpriest of thune or green for back to nature.

Red green could really easily take someone out using this enchantment, basically you would use kiln fiend, cultivate, garruk's packleader, back to nature, and some 3+ creatures for card draw. That way you kill enchantments, draw cards without even playing blue, have big creatures and big burn. Also, some burn spells don't even target the player, they just do damage regardless.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (7/19/2010 12:05:31 AM)


Red needs more enchantment hate. Until red gets an official "destroy target enchantment" effect, we're reduced to using Liquimetal Coating and Manic Vandal.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/10/2010 2:42:58 PM)


Whoever rated this less than 5/5 is retarded.
Posted By: spicayd (7/9/2010 3:16:08 AM)


lets just say bye to RDW and hello to mono white life gainers, officially think that magic just made white the new op color. don't worry red I'm sure they'll come out with a destroy enchantment for you....... maybe lol
Posted By: proanciey (4/23/2011 12:12:33 PM)