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The reason that idea won't work is because blockers are declared all at once.


Ooo, I gotta try that. ***atrice. Ok, that didn't work. Royal Assassin. That didn't work either.

How did you manage to autocard them?
Posted By: A3Kitsune (8/4/2010 10:39:20 PM)


@ dberry02 I agree it is finally a REAL skel.
& hopefully the card bellow fits in some reason...
1BB nonamedskel
B: return this skel to the battlefield
Posted By: Vampire96 (8/15/2010 3:54:51 PM)


noobmag1, Amulet of Vigor isn't worth it at all. It's not like this guy has haste, and there are much better regenerators if it's blocking you want.
Posted By: EternalLurker (8/30/2010 5:36:50 AM)


Easily my favorite black creature in M11 (saying a lot since I love black and this set has some good'uns), the combo potential is just insane. Non-unearth direct cast from the graveyard isn't something I have on a single card in my collection to my knowledge.

Even something as simple as chump blocking and then saccing to Viscera Seer and bringing him back immediately is powerful to assure good draws. Extra mana at the end of opponent's turn? Do that a few more times. Demon of Death's Gate? Sac a skellie or two and a Bloodghast to play him, then bring them all back. Yes, I have a Black Market in that deck.
Posted By: TheKeiser (9/1/2010 1:46:39 PM)


Skelly+Eldrazi monument= All my guys are indestructible and can fly. Who doesn't love an army of essentially free flying death haters.
Posted By: ZombieFun (9/9/2010 7:23:30 PM)


now archdemon of unx is finally playable!

also, Attrition
Posted By: raptorman333 (9/14/2010 9:43:15 AM)


@FogRaider, I heard Mortician Beetle wanted to go to your little party!
Posted By: Paleopaladin (9/14/2010 10:11:20 AM)


I'm in love with this card. It provides endless fodder for my Demons :D
- makes 2/2 Zombie tokens every turn with Archdemon of Unx and keeps Lord of the Pit, Liege of the Pit, Xathrid Demon and Devouring Strossus well fed and happy. Also combos with cards like Magus of the Abyss to lessen the drawback.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (10/29/2010 5:49:47 PM)


Surprisingly, this served me well with bloodthrone vampire. As long as you have a bunch of unused mana, you can sac him two or three times in a turn. 5/5
Posted By: God_Of_The_Smurfs (11/10/2010 4:02:41 AM)


can you sacrifice it four times (by paying 8 mana) and summon heccatomb
Posted By: Zachos (11/20/2010 8:57:24 AM)