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Shame that it got killed in development. Still, I like the little guy, so he will find a home in one of my decks eventually. I just cannot bare to see cards left unused.
Posted By: Stray_Dog (12/15/2010 5:25:45 AM)


good in limited?

I keep one on me at all times in my wallet. Why? because noone believes me that grasp of darkness or Drana or such effects kill indestructible creatures and his reminder text is oh so lovely.

@Nathreet, this is rated lower because it can't do anything but block. Darksteel Sentinel can attack and then block and has 3 power. It does cost alot more but at least it can function
Posted By: TheSwarm (12/18/2010 9:22:37 AM)


He's pretty underwhelming on its own, but it works great in my artifact deck. Early on he is a very decent blocker and later on Myr Galvaniser, Steel Overseer and Tempered Steel will turn him into a huge beatstick, easily becoming a 5/6 or bigger.

Forget what I what I wrote earlier, he is weak :( I have replaced all of my Darksteel Myrs with Memnites, and I do not miss him one bit.
Posted By: ratrase (12/18/2010 9:58:12 AM)


This would have been decent in limited. In Mirroden. Not Scars. Infect makes this a joke and I'm not laughing.
Posted By: CeremonialBathory (12/21/2010 12:43:13 AM)


2 enchantments. Lure and Pariah.
Posted By: jacktheinvisible (2/16/2011 1:05:48 PM)


Poor little guy is just too heavy to be able to attack. He blocks various Hydras quite well however, such as Protean Hydra, or Phytohydra, a couple of creatures you'd prefer not to damage. Probably could have been a 0/2 for 3 mana though, I mean Phylactery Lich is 3cmc and is a 5/5 Indestructible.
Posted By: BonniePrinceCharlie (5/18/2011 2:59:26 PM)


As much as I like Myr (i think they adorable) IMO he's not worth it. Sure he don't die easy but there soooo many way to deal with him it hurts (especialy white Enchantment-Auras and infect). Also he don't do good job defending in late game. Any guy you want to block with him will more often then not have trample. Not to mention flyers.
If I want a blocker I throw a Steel Wall.

But it's just hilarious to stop new Glissa with him ^^.
Posted By: Cloudeye (5/21/2011 1:34:35 PM)


I'm surprised this is how it is. You can get a 0/1 flier for {0} with Ornithopter and a 1/1 for {0} with Memnite. Darksteel Myr kind of fits in the middle, so I could see it costing no more than {2}. Especially compared to Darksteel Sentinel, which sure, costs {6}, but is a 3/3 and has two extra abilities. The Sentinal gets +2/+2 and two abilities for only {2} more? And I really don't think the Sentinel is overcosted, so that makes this little guy undercosted.'

Still, I like him, because he's a Myr.
Posted By: sarroth (5/23/2011 1:45:48 PM)


@desolation_masticore @Rikiaz
Posted By: Zacklar (6/17/2011 12:57:57 AM)


This creature can stand up to most anything upon hitting the table. The only things that can stop it once it's begun is -

1. Being countered before hitting the table - Cancel , Steel Sabotage, Fuel for the cause, etc.
2. Infect/Wither
3. Forcing it's controller to sacrifice it - Geth's Verdict
4. Changing it's power and toughness - Twisted Image

Even so, Darksteel Myr is still a good option for blocking, and becomes a solid beater when equipped - preferably with Darksteel Axe so it won't be losing it's attack power very easily. Most of the removal that your opponent will be packing will either be burn - Searing Blaze , Lightning Bolt, Flame Slash, etc, or exile - Journey to Nowhere, Revoke Existence , Dispatch, Condemn... (see all)
Posted By: MechaKraken (6/27/2011 10:06:20 PM)