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Posted By: ninjaman98 (3/1/2011 9:36:19 AM)


@ DacenOctavio

We're already considered geeks by most people for playing this game, do we really need to make it worse but referencing Pokemon as well?

Of course if no-one else picked up on that then I guess I may be a little geekier than most.

Good card, want some to give my Scythe of the Wretched back to my Spikeshot Goblin once he's stolen a nice creature for me.
Posted By: Concerned_Bystander (3/7/2011 7:00:50 AM)


So with the Brass Squire can I play my equipment cards from my hand? I was hoping to use this card with along with Training Drone. The wording on the card is strange and I wanted to know if I could tap Brass Squire to summon Training Drone without using my mana?
Posted By: CmcLucas (3/30/2011 5:22:55 PM)


I don't know how I hadn't noticed this until just now - lord knows I've seen this little guy enough opening packs and hitting the battlefield - but he's actually got the same P/T as Brass Man. I wonder if he got his name based on this stat match, or if the stat match came after the name?

It's the same ability as Auriok Windwalker, but it's just a bit faster to hit the battlefield, and it's colourless, so I think it outshines its predecessor overall. Equipping at instant speed is a nasty surprise, if people aren't thinking about his little ability!
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (5/12/2011 8:58:42 AM)


At first I thought Puresteel Paladin obsoletes this card... but its "equip" cost is instant and this is much easier to cast, and slightly sturdier. too. I'm putting this in my Sunforger deck.
Posted By: jinxedidol (6/3/2011 12:49:22 AM)


I run 4 of these in my Black Living Weapon deck. It's fun juggling equipment onto Hovermyrs and then blocking with the silly germ tokens.
Posted By: KamigawaSavior (6/19/2011 1:01:15 PM)


Only card I wanted out of Mirrodin Besieged.
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (7/1/2011 1:22:03 AM)


What with all of Mirrodin Besieged's artifacts, this is looking to be one of the most underrated cards in the set. Quite apart from getting high-cost artifacts like Strandwalker and Piston Sledge out, it can set you up for a quick Metalcraft bonus and give you an edge right off the bat. Plus it's cute. I only have one but for some reason it has a tendency to pop up early in my deck and I've come to think of it as a pet that accompanies me through my battles.
Posted By: chrismus (3/24/2012 10:58:59 PM)


this is what you use when you want to make your equipment overpowered.
Posted By: Pigfish99 (5/11/2012 2:52:45 PM)


Proto Puresteel Paladin.
Posted By: Arachnos (1/15/2013 11:17:17 PM)


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