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Search for it with Treasure Mage.

Ramp it out with Grand Architect.

Use charges immediately with zero-cost artifacts, like Mox Opal, Chimeric Mass and Everflowing Chalice. You probably have one in hand already thanks to a Trinket Mage. I hear Ponder is good for this sort of thing. If your opponent is playing aggro, might as well sideboard in Virulent Wound.

Put something good on top - like maybe an Emrakul, The Aeons Torn - with Jace the Mindsculptor or Liliana Vess.

Get some early game out of your zero-cost artifacts with Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas.

Fill your remaining slots with control or disruption.
Posted By: jstorrie (1/31/2011 5:36:53 PM)


What about a creature?
Posted By: angelheartvial (3/19/2011 6:39:30 PM)


Knowledge Pool = I enjoy pi$$ing off my friends on purpose.

This card is as stupid as card design can get. It's not a competitive card, so at best it's just a card that some newbie brings to the table because he thinks he's smart and instead ends up taking the fun out of multiplayer games and pi$$ing people off.

Should have never been made.
Posted By: Robert_G (4/25/2011 10:05:33 AM)


Absolutely useless card for competitive deckbuilding. I pulled one of these in a premiere event, and with 1 of the pack prices I got another one. Aside with the rares that are next in line in uselesness in this set I felt cheated.
Sure this might be a fun card, which can do fun stuff, but it has zero value. Anyone who thinks he can make a deck around it is wrong.

If I could give a negative rating I would have
Posted By: Fluxje (2/17/2011 1:59:43 PM)


Yo dawg, I heard you like Knowledge Pool, so I exiled a Knowledge Pool under your Knowledge Pool so you can cast Knowledge Pool off your Knowledge Pool.
Posted By: ratchet1215 (3/22/2011 9:49:03 AM)


The wall of the store I play at is covered in torn up, burned, written-on, and otherwise disfigured copies of this card - I am told this was the most hated rare open in anyone's memory.
Posted By: Hanksingle (1/7/2012 12:19:46 AM)


Knowledge Pool 6


When Knowledge Pool enters the battlefield, each player exiles the top three cards of their library.
Whenever a player casts a spell, instead that player switches his/her spell with another card from the exiled pile.
Posted By: FatalEagle (8/26/2012 7:30:34 PM)


Another crazy thing about this card from the official article:

If you have multiple Knowledge Pools out, you get to pick which pool each spell that is cast (yours or your opponents) goes into b/c you control the pools.
Posted By: Flyheight (1/28/2011 11:50:04 AM)


This is what a Mythic Rare should be...
(Yes, it isn't actually a Mythic)

Wondering how things would play out if I had Pyromancer Ascension in play. Would I put one in and take 2 out? Thinking not since one is a copy.

With Rebound, seems the caster would have the option of exiling the spell into rebound or into the pool. Spells with Rebound would not activate Rebound when cast from the pool and would not activate the pool when cast from Rebound.

Pretty clear the cards do come out when cast when comparing to the wording on Isochron Scepter,
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (1/31/2011 12:14:46 PM)


this is my favorite control spell so far for me. not only can i use cheap instant and sorcery speed during the early game for a lock down but when this hits the field I get the best card being played, no matter what and i just love using this in red. banefire, fireball, red sun's zenith, chimeric mass and all those other lovely x costing cards rule with this. and yes, i would use lighting bolt to get a jace, the mind sculpter on my side and force them to kill thier little $100 wingman.
Posted By: saphireblade (2/4/2011 12:23:13 AM)