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Have Leyline of Anticipation in play and flash this guy into play in response to someone playing Plagiarize on you. Then force them to draw their entire library.

Completely impractical, but would be a hilarious way to beat someone.
Posted By: drunyon (9/23/2011 9:06:34 AM)


Dear Wizards of the Coast -
F U and your mythic rares.

Just F U.
Posted By: reapersaurus (3/24/2011 2:08:25 AM)


Jace, Memory Adept's ultimate becomes "Mill twenty cards from target opponent's library. You may draw fourty cards." or "Target opponent rage quits"
Posted By: NecroticNobody (8/14/2011 9:17:17 PM)


Wait, technically, if me and my opponent have this, we'll deck out each other on the next draw step or draw effect.
Dear lord I must make a Discard+Donate combo with this.
Posted By: DavidLopes (4/1/2012 8:22:00 AM)


@SolidSoldier: Don't forget Jace's Erasure to punish them for even taking their turn.

Now then. Imagine this, which is amazing. 4 Erasure, 1 BABY Jace Beleren, 4 of this guy. Jace's BASIC ability is STRONGER than his "Ultimate" ability: You draw 9. They draw one, then mill 36. Painful? Yes. Broken? Yes.

Oh, and how about this: EDH. Combining him with Vision Skeins and an Erasure or four.... Game over. Did I mention that Vision Skeins happens to be very, very, VERY easy to kill with? ALL players draw TWO cards. Your opponent(s) drew 2 cards. That means you get up to 18 of your own cards into your hand (4 Sphinxes, of course). That, of course, triggers each Jace's Erasure 18 times, allowing for a total of 18 times 4, or 72 cards, to the graveyard. Of course, statistically, with how large your deck is at this point, if you're playing more than one Vision Skeins in your deck and you have the mana to play any two more cards th... (see all)
Posted By: mrhardy12 (6/5/2011 7:37:27 PM)


WOW! Auto 5 Star Or You Just SUCK! 10/10
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (1/29/2011 10:32:19 PM)


Constipated Sphinx
Posted By: Mata-nui3 (1/30/2011 6:47:07 PM)



If only this guy had shroud.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (1/27/2011 4:08:34 PM)


Pretty good card, again I don't know why everyone is whining and crying that this card is too powerful, unlimited ways to get rid of it. So what if your opponent gets to draw a few cards for a few turns, I know I could deal with this thing no problem. And too Mr.Pink343 it's mythic so you can't have two out at a turn... dumbass
Posted By: MagicTheGaythering (4/10/2011 9:43:56 AM)


$2 mythic is $2 mythic.
Posted By: Zenzei (1/27/2011 9:05:17 PM)