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If I had a Livewire Lash attached to a Glistener Elf and I casted Unsummon targeting Glistener Elf, If I changed the target to Spellskite would I still get to have my 2 infect damage from the targetting trigger on Glistener elf without him getting bounced back to my hand?
Posted By: Jesseman (8/5/2011 11:38:03 PM)


It looks like he's stepping over little mountains. Just how big is this little 0/4?
Posted By: God_Of_The_Smurfs (9/16/2011 7:35:14 PM)



Verb: To activate this card's ability.

You just got spellskited.
Posted By: azure_drake222222 (2/3/2013 10:01:38 AM)


Forget Melira, this card completely ruins the infect + pump strategy.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (4/28/2011 10:38:53 PM)


This card, Phyrexian Metamorph and Dismember are probably the three strongest contenders for best card in this set. The prevalence of this card will really see to hold a lot of other decks in check - particularly great is getting out TWO of these guys - because the odds that someone will be able to remove both of them in order to get something off on them is very slim - unless they're using a board wipe. And, honestly, forcing your opponent to use a board wipe on creatures that aren't actually threatening them is very strong itself - and is more or less the point of Spellskite anyways.
Posted By: Mavlis (5/26/2011 7:05:05 AM)


Probably most controlling creature ever devised. You have to remove him or you can't remove anything else. Powerful
Posted By: Leonidus78 (4/28/2011 8:40:37 PM)


Why hello there Mr. Spellskite. Have you met my good friend Livewire Lash? No? I think you will like him very much. He also brought his good friend Batterskull. Oh, and this is his cousin Grafted Exoskeleton, we just don't talk about him too much.
Posted By: CallmeMerry (5/4/2011 12:37:48 PM)


This and Phyrexian Metamorph can be used as jace protection(liquimetal coating with metamorph). But it will be very annying to come across a deck using hex parasite, this, jtms, and batterskull.
Posted By: chaotickittycat (5/7/2011 4:52:49 PM)


Yeah, that was disheartening for sure about the whole equipment thing. That kinda made me see this as wasted potential which is absurd because by itself it's a control card for any color and has pretty good defense for a 2 drop. It still is a solid card though and it is better planes walker hate than that hex parasite in my opinion. It will see play with Phyrexian Revoker, riddlesmith, and bonehoard in my newer artifact deck.

@HairlessThoctar Yeah, I know what you mean about that. Basically though it allows you to play targeted removal counterspells and forces the opponent to deal with this before a threat so its good for that ability alone but the added defense of 4 makes it a higher priority good. In summary it's a great stall card that doubles as protection for your win conditions. Not obviously overpowered or broken like jace, the mindsculptor, batterskull/autocard... (see all)
Posted By: saphireblade (5/10/2011 3:12:06 AM)


Can this redirect a shrine of burning rage sac and burn ability if they targeted a player for the damage? The Shrine says Creature or Player, so Spellskite can be a legal target for the Shrine.
Posted By: nykspree8 (12/24/2011 3:21:16 PM)