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I am deeply, deeply, deeply saddened that I cannot use Dragonstorm with this.
Posted By: darkgnosis (5/16/2011 3:42:45 PM)


Perfect, just what my dragons needed, even MORE mana rampage. Hello turn 4, well...almost anything!
Posted By: Ninjazilla (5/19/2011 3:06:43 PM)


@ guitargamer79:

I already get those out turn 4. I get Butcher of Malakir out turn 4. This is just an Easy button for doing stuff like that.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (5/20/2011 10:37:55 AM)


pyrretic ritual, priest of urabrask, then this!

could somebody tell me what WotC is planning here? this looks to me that they're planning to make another Storm! but a variant of storm for that matter. I believe Wizards just mentioned that they won't bring back storm again for it's nearly broken-ness.

ps: i'm looking at my Storm Entity right now.
Posted By: bluemaxx (5/24/2011 1:13:58 AM)


Should have been an instant like Pyretic Ritual and Seething Song
Posted By: Cheza (6/1/2011 9:55:49 AM)


Can play Caged Sun early :-P

Other than that, I'm pretty sure it's obvious what all can be abused with this card.
Posted By: endersblade (6/4/2011 1:13:41 PM)


yay my hellkite igniter will see more action now!
Posted By: Khultar (6/6/2011 10:35:53 PM)


I had a good combo for this card in standard, but I seem to have discarded that card.
Posted By: DeathDark (6/26/2011 8:03:22 PM)


About to get better with M12.

Turn 4: 4 Mountains, Chandra, The Firebrand
Turn 5: 5 Mountain, bolt opposing player, -2 Chandra, cast Geosurge to add 10 mana to your mana pool, cast Furyborn Hellkite with bloodthirst activated.
Posted By: NocteMundi (7/1/2011 7:27:50 PM)


interesting, both pyretic ritual (and dark ritual) and seething song add 2 mana, but this one adds 3.

on that count alone I'd say this card is good. 4/5
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (7/3/2011 3:21:19 PM)